butterflies in (one's) stomach

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butterflies in (one's) stomach

A feeling of nervousness. The butterflies in my stomach almost kept me from going on stage and performing.
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*butterflies in one's stomach

a nervous feeling in one's stomach. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone~.) Whenever I have to speak in public, I get butterflies in my stomach. She always has butterflies in her stomach before a test. It was not frightening enough to give me butterflies in my stomach, but it made me a little apprehensive.
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butterflies in one's stomach

Fluttering sensations caused by a feeling of nervous anticipation. For example, I always get butterflies in my stomach before making a speech. This term likens a nervous feeling to that resulting from swallowing live butterflies that fly about inside one. [c. 1900]
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butterflies in your stomach

If you have butterflies in your stomach, you feel very nervous about something that you have to do. He seemed so full of enthusiasm that I felt foolish still having butterflies in my stomach. Now I can go there as a competitor, I'm starting to feel the butterflies in my stomach already. Note: Butterflies is also used in many other structures and expressions with a similar meaning. Any jockey who says he doesn't get butterflies down at the start is telling lies. Carol felt butterflies tumbling in her guts.
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The metaphor inherent in "Butterflies in My Stomach" was taken to fantastic physical heights, and in "Breathing Fast" the three women explored the fine line between passion and rage, hurling themselves into the men's arms with ragged abandon.
"I have butterflies in my stomach every time I look at Louie and think he's going to get magic legs like Ava."
I'm getting little butterflies in my stomach," The Sun quoted Williams, as saying.
I still get butterflies in my stomach the way I did when I was a teenager.
It's nice to come back here without a huge quantity of butterflies in my stomach."
``But before going into Popstars I had usually been part of a group so I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach before the competition.''
"he asked me if I had butterflies in my stomach. I said 'I have flamingos in my stomach' because there were 60,000 people.
I have butterflies in my stomach, the baby makes me so happy.
I'd waited a long time for that and I had some butterflies in my stomach but they disappeared as soon as I went on to the pitch.
"But I'm sure I'll get butterflies in my stomach beforehand."
"There were butterflies in my stomach and fireworks in the sky," he said.