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Someone who is clumsy and often drops things or else fails to catch something. I dropped another plate! I'm such a butterfingers today. Coach, don't put that butterfingers Jimmy in the outfield!

have butterfingers

To be clumsy, usually momentarily, by dropping or failing to catch something. I dropped another plate! I guess I just have butterfingers today. Coach, don't put Jimmy in the outfield—he has butterfingers!
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have (or be a) butterfingers

be unable to catch deftly or hold securely.
This phrase comes from the idea that hands covered with butter will be slippery, making holding on to anything difficult. There was also a dialect sense of ‘unable to handle anything hot’, as if your fingers were made of melting butter. Butterfingers! is often jeeringly shouted at someone who has failed to catch a ball in a game.
See also: butterfingers, have
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It has been claimed the World Cup star was goaded by other drinkers and at one point a man was heard shouting "butter fingers" as he posed for a photo.
Or so it seemed when they showed butter fingers by dropping something like half a dozen catches to let Pakhtoons off the hook.
Andrea Willis, the owner of Butter Fingers sandwich shop, said rats are a common sight on the street throughout the night.
Andrea Willis, the owner of Butter Fingers sandwich shop, said rats are common sight on the street throughout the night.
It was a low scoring affair owing to both team's poor shooting and butter fingers with NU committing 28 turnovers and UE 26.
To begin with I could put up with the freezing concrete floor, until my clumsy sons started a competition to see how many cups and glasses they could smash when their greasy little butter fingers dropped them.
Butter fingers Joe Hart lets ball go through his legs, allowing Saints' Steven Davis (inset, below) to follow up and score his side's second goal last night
"Stupid grater," I mumbled as my husband laughed, reasoning with me that it was in reality a simple gadget, incapable of stupidity and that I was what my squash coach once called me - butter fingers.
But a warm welcome to dangerous Japanese butter fingers Andrew Tong, who specialises in juggling razor sharp knives.
Bit of a butter fingers? Then the WorkMate iPhone Case - one of the toughest, most rugged cases you can get - should make you feel less anxious about texting your mate urgently while standing right next to that industrial press.
Amazingly, there was another example of butter fingers this week, all the more comical as it came from Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenberg.
Great way to perfect your fielding skills -- when the incentive's as tempting as that seductive roll, which you only get at On The Go, the deli at DLF Emporio, you can't afford to have butter fingers.
Here's a good tip if you've got a tendancy to be a bit of a butter fingers. Next time you break a glass or mug, don't worry about missing any hard-to-see shards of glass.