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1. harassment; a scolding; general bad treatment. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The guys have been giving me the business about my new hairstyle. Sam was giving Tom the business about being late all the time.
2. Sl an execution. (Underworld. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The mob wanted to give him the business for confessing to the federal prosecutor.
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If the business is large enough, look in the marketplace for guideline publicly traded companies; check their price-to-revenue, price-to-EBITDA and price-to-earnings multiples and apply them to revenues, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and earnings of the client's business, If the industry is one in which there has been a lot of consolidation for which the client's enterprise is a candidate--automobile dealerships, for example--find out what those businesses sold for.
We want businesses to work smarter, rather than harder," Ryan concludes.
Given prospects for moderate growth in economic activity and the healthy position of banks, the outlook for bank lending to small businesses continues to be favorable.
Offers information on services available to small business owners, from how to apply for an American Express card targeted to small businesses to accepting American Express cards at your establishment.
Featured below are three businesses that industry experts consider to be among the top home enterprises for the '90s.
Jennings-Johnson and her colleagues participate in activities to identify potential minority and women-owned businesses, such as networking with minority and women councils and chambers of commerce, and attending trade fairs.
According to the SBA's Office of Advocacy, small businesses employ 53% of the private workforce, contribute 47% of all sales and are responsible for 50% of the private gross domestic product.
The Hispanic Business Alliance was founded in 1978 as an advocacy organization to promote, develop and advance Hispanic businesses and individuals in the Detroit Metropolitan area and throughout the State of Michigan.
In addition to worrying about how their businesses will survive without them, founders worry about how they will survive without their businesses, says Eddrington.
An exception is Fairview Capital, a new fund that plans to raise $250 million exclusively for minority businesses.
Although most (perhaps all) businesses are liquidated at some time or another and do not last forever, a liquidation is not what companies are in business to do, either primarily or secondarily.
Hallmark Business Expressions helps businesses cultivate relationships using business greeting cards to communicate with key customers, prospects, employees and donors.
CPAs will find that businesses the taxpayer does not engage in for profit won't be allowed any business deduction.
Each year, Sawyer attends the WBDC's business opportunity fair for women-owned businesses.
Yet, businesses that have embraced (or are preparing to embrace) the Internet might do well to pause and consider some of the tax implications--particularly the state tax implications--of conducting business through the Internet.