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go for a Burton

To fail or become useless; to die. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach will go for a Burton if it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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gone for a burton

Having failed or become useless; dead. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach is gone for a burton now that it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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go for a Burton

meet with disaster; be ruined, destroyed, or killed.British informal
This phrase first appeared in mid 20th- century air force slang, meaning ‘be killed in a crash’. It has been suggested that it refers to Burton's, the British men's outfitters, or to Burton, a kind of ale, but these are folk etymologies with no definite evidence to support them, and the origin of the phrase remains uncertain.
See also: burton, for, go
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Despite the mysterious groin injury that kept him out of the playoff loss to the Eagles, Trey Burton enjoyed a career year in his first year with the Bears after departing Philadelphia via free agency.
Sure enough, the 20th century would turn Burton's reception upside down.
Under the terms of the sale agreement, OTPP, who also own the UK National Lottery operators Camelot, will acquire Burton's as a whole, including all of Burton's brands, all of the rights under Burton's Cadbury licence and Burton's manufacturing sites.
"Our film opens with Burton quoting from King Lear, r arolehe always wanted to play but never managed and the stage direction on the script is: 'Burton has the most beautiful mellifluous voice you've ever heard', which put the fear of God into me.
Nancy, co-author of the biography with Sam Kashner, told Wales on Sunday: "At the top of our list has always been Russell Crowe to play Richard Burton.
in 1965, director Mike Nichols gifted Taylor a pair of ruby-diamond earrings, underscoring the Burtons' value to the production.
If there is any complaint to be made, it is that in the subtle negotiation of intellectual genealogy that marks this study, a sharper sense of the "ludic" Burton, as Gowland once or twice describes him, is sometimes lost.
During police interviews, aired for the first time yesterday as part of Dominic Abdis Cardiff Crown Court trial, the 34-year-old said he had nothing to do with the attack on Mr Burton. Abdi told police he found Mr Burton lying on his kitchen floor with horrific injuries when he visited his flat.
"A decline in NIH funding endangers progress," Don Burton told his representatives.
US TV show Entertainment Tonight reported that Mike Nichols, the Oscar-winning American director, is to make the film, to be based on the book Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century.
They may not look exactly like Burton and Taylor, but they're immediately convincing in the title roles simply because they are such gifted actors.
Burton's Biscuit Company, a major player in the UK biscuit market, has been awarded "Export Success of the Year" at the Food and Drink Federation's Community Partnership Awards.