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She did not refer to the burning question at all, but she chatted amiably of other matters, and Gilbert understood that he was forgiven under protest.
Thence it was but a step to the burning question of the day; and in tones a little shaken, she commented on the interval since she had last made tea for the prodigal, and congratulated him on his return.
It was a great deal to ask of a fledgling morality that was yet scarcely cognizant of its untried wings; but even as the man wavered between right and wrong there crept into his mind the one great and burning question of his life--had he a soul?
From end to end of our island the question of religion was the burning question of the day.
So here are my suggestions for three burning questions of the week.
Grace Poe, head of the Senate committee on public order, Cayetano formally requested for more hearings on the incident to allow the senators more time "to propound burning questions that demands answers "
Today we remind him what those six burning questions are...
Hence this one-man tour, wherein the chummy actor aims to throw the floor open to whatever burning questions the audience may have about his colourful life and career.
WE'VE been inundated with burning questions this week.
THIS week's burning questions: A BBC reporter was sacked after being caught acting as a Hell's Angels spokesman.
Send your burning questions (we'd also like to hear your thoughts about beer or sake!) to us at
Byline: Richard Austen addresses the burning questions from last week's action
HUNDREDS of Teessiders flooded energy advice lines with their burning questions on how to slash fuel bills this winter.
To the chagrin of his overbearing teacup Chihuahua, Poncho, Brendan Kelly made time for me in order to answer some burning questions.--Gen X
Throughout her January 31 interview ("Burning Questions"), Ilene Chaiken seems to sidestep nearly every one of Anne Steckwell's probing and relevant questions that have plagued L Word viewers since Marina's psychotic disappearance.