Buggins' turn

Appointment or advancement based on a series of rotation (as due, for example, to seniority) rather than individual merit, qualification, or achievement. So called for the commonness and ubiquity of Buggins as a surname in Britain. Primarily heard in UK. Even though I work twice as hard as him, he's going to get the promotion because of Buggins' turn.
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Buggins's turn

appointment in rotation rather than by merit.
Buggins is used here to represent a typical or generic surname.
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References in classic literature ?
But you left the same tracks every day, you buggins, an' the same tracks every night, all round the blessed premises."
Popular community PC Roy Buggins collapsed while directing traffic after a road accident near Montrose on Tuesday.
PC Roy Buggins fell ill while working in Montrose on Tuesday afternoon.
Elisabeth Buggins, who joined the Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust in 2011, has decided to pursue "other professional and personal interests".
Elisabeth Buggins, who joined the Trust in 2011, has decided to pursue "other professional and personal interests".
The report by Elisabeth Buggins, former head of the Organ Donation Taskforce, was commissioned after a media storm over cases in which foreigners were given transplants from dead Britons.
Elisabeth Buggins, of the UK Organ Donation Taskforce said evidence examined by her committee had led them to conclude that an "opt out" system was not the best method of boosting the number of organs for transplant.
John Buggins - with the firm for 45 years - started as a purchasing clerk working from a shed with no heating at the age of 17, eventually becoming senior buyer.
"In our profile of Sir Richard Buggins, chief executive of Gubbins plc, on pages 42-43 on September 26, we did not intend to imply that he was in the habit of beating his wife.
Elisabeth Buggins, chair of the organ donation task force, said, "I am very pleased that the task force has been asked to explore this incredibly important issue."
Jon Buggins, 26, has set up a clock restoration firm in the city, specialising in antique pendulum clocks.
1967 The Buggins Farm Nursery at Haydock has its place in the history books as its 1951 running was won by Tulyar, who went on to Derby glory the following season.
Mandy Buggins, of Goldthorn Park, Wolverhampton, is one of the parents affected.
Calum Smith, Roddy MacLennan and Fran Kelly were all on target with Kevin Cumming and Ewan Buggins replying for the home side.
Elisabeth Buggins, chairman of NHS West Midlands, has announced she is opting out of the running to continue her role, as health authorities across the country are being consolidated.