Bug off!

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bug off

slang Get out of here; go away; get lost. Listen, I don't want to buy any, so why don't you just bug off and leave me alone!
See also: bug, off

bug ˈoff!

(American English, spoken) a rude way of telling somebody to go away
See also: bug

Bug off!

exclam. Get out!; Go away! Bug off! Get out of here!
See also: bug
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Former Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes is fronting a Bug Off! 2016 campaign to encourage travellers to pack anti-mosquito sprays along with their passports.
Director Helen Eastman has directed a fun-filled new children's opera, Bug Off!, for Opera Theatre Company (Ireland), and a number of critically acclaimed plays including The Cure at Troy, Fair (which transferred to London's West End after a sell-out fringe run) and Verity Bargate Award-winning Felt Effects.