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browned off

slang Angered. I am so browned off by her selfish behavior!
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browned (off)

Sl. angry. I am really browned off at you! The boss really got browned—to say the least; he fired me!
See also: brown


See also: brown
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It replied that Mr Browne was the registered keeper of the vehicle but did not have any insurance.
The win gives Browne a real shot at winning Angler of the Year for the Northern Division.
An enthusiastic educationalist, Father Browne did much to develop St Francis Xavier''s College, and during his rectorship an important extension scheme was carried out.
Browne made his name as an all-action midfielder initially as he inspired Waterford's run to the All-Ireland semi-final in '98, their longest Championship season in 35 years.
When you're in business and you give your entire distribution component to an outside party it's a bit of a scary thing," says Brian Wood, Browne & Co.
A combination of fun activities for children - for seven years old and above - based on their favourite Anthony Browne characters, and lovely illustrations make it a must-see exhibition.
Between sets, Paul Dieter, co-producer of Browne's last four albums (and working the soundboard last night), summed the evening up best, saying it was like seeing Browne play in his living room.
The court heard Browne had been receiving help for his alcohol addiction at the Swanswell Centre in Hillfields but on the day of the attack he had relapsed.
Browne hopes to influence women's wardrobes one head-to-toe outfit at a time, adding yardage of fabric to their looks and making bizarro-prep mermaid patterns and stiff blazers seem as alluring as short skirts.
Covering songs by Warren Zevon and Blind Lemon Jefferson, this relaxed beginning gave the show an intimacy that enabled Browne to settle into his mellow stride.
Air Marshal Browne was presented with a Guard of Honour on his arrival at the station.
Experts from Browne Jacobson, BNB Tax Consultants and Yorkshire Bank discussed a range of issues with delegates including current market funding conditions, business re-organisation and recent trends in corporate transactions.
At Gateshead Magistrates' Court Browne, 58, of Broadmeadows Close, Swalwell, pleaded guilty to driving with alcohol above the limit.
Mind you, there are plenty who think, not least in the US, that Lord Browne should have resigned over the catastrophic damage to the environment caused by BP in Alaska, as well as its deplorable safety record which led to the deaths of 15 employees in Texas.
Browne says security measures such as surveillance cameras are just not working well.