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offensive slang A woman. Tom's always getting himself involved with these broads who cause him nothing but trouble. A: "Who's the broad with Jerry?" B: "Geez, that's his wife. Show a little respect, Harry."

square-john broad

slang An honest, respectable, and law-abiding woman. Used primarily in criminal and prison communities. You really shouldn't get involved with a square-john broad. You'll be spending all your time avoiding her questions so she won't know what you really do for a living. We'll get Tommy's cousin to make the drop for us. The security guards wouldn't bat an eye at a square-john broad like her.
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n. a woman. (Originally underworld slang. Often jocular. Usually considered rude and derogatory.) When is that broad gonna show up?
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Never had a modern miracle occurred in such broad daylight, nor in the presence of such a multitude of witnesses.
Well, I have wrought it in a kind of dream; and now that I am broad awake I must set about finishing yonder figure of Admiral Vernon."
Another work of the good deacon's hand--a reduced likeness of his friend Captain Hunnewell, holding a telescope and quadrant--may be seen to this day, at the corner of Broad and State streets, serving in the useful capacity of sign to the shop of a nautical instrument maker.
(in other words our High Priest) came to inspect the State Prison and paid me his seventh annual visit, and when for the seventh time he put me the question, 'Was I any better?' I tried to prove to him that he was 'high', as well as long and broad, although he did not know it.
The lazy girl was delighted at this, and thought to herself, 'The gold will soon be mine.' Mother Holle led her, as she had led her sister, to the broad gateway; but as she was passing through, instead of the shower of gold, a great bucketful of pitch came pouring over her.
As we shall not see her again, it may be worth mentioning here that all Never birds now build in that shape of nest, with a broad brim on which the youngsters take an airing.
Trent nodded, and the three men scrambled up the beach, across an open space, and gained the shelter of a broad balcony, shielded by a striped awning which surrounded the plain white stone hotel.
It was bounded by a low wooden fence, which screened it off from a broad, modern, new metaled road.
A double-breasted jacket of some dark frieze-like material fitted closely to her figure, while her straight blue skirt, untrimmed and ungathered, was cut so short that the lower curve of her finely-turned legs was plainly visible beneath it, terminating in a pair of broad, flat, low-heeled and square-toed shoes.
"We're convinced Grand Avenue is where it's at," Broad said at the unveiling held at the nearby Walt Disney Concert Hall, a Frank Gehry-designed structure that Broad was instrumental in helping fund.
Broad said the museum's initial exhibit will include a broad selection of works from his collection, including pieces by Jeff Koons, John Baldassari and Cindy Sherman.