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bros before hoes

slang A reminder, said by a male to his male friend(s), asserting that their friendship should be more important than relationships or interactions with females. Come on, man, don't ditch us for that girl you just met! Bros before hoes, bro!
See also: before, bro, hoe

nah, bro

slang A phrase used to reject an idea or suggestion. You want me to go into the cricket-infested basement by myself? Nah, bro! Nah, bro, I'm not going out tonight.
See also: bro

come at me, bro

slang A phrase used to indicate that one will fight or argue about something if someone else initiates the conflict. This is the best movie of all time. Come at me, bro.
See also: bro, come

You mad(, bro)?

slang A sarcastic question intended to mock or further irritate someone who is already noticeably angry. "You" is sometimes spelled as "u." Aww, you mad, bro? Sorry I beat you in basketball—again.


slang A heterosexual, often white, male who is hypermasculine and apt to behave in a sexist and/or homophobic manner. Often used pejoratively. If this guy you're dating is prone to casual misogyny, he might just be a dude-bro. JJ is just an obnoxious dude-bro, deriding anything he doesn't like as "gay."