box of tricks

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box of tricks

1. The items that one has available for use. The phrase originally referred to the items a magician would use for magic tricks. Let's see what I have in my box of tricks to entertain the baby.
2. The skills that one has available for use. She's an ace negotiator, so you know she has a few more surprises in her box of tricks.
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a box of tricks

an ingenious gadget. informal
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a bag/box of ˈtricks

(informal) a set of methods or equipment that somebody can use: Hotel managers are using a whole new bag of tricks to attract their guests.
See also: bag, box, of, trick
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EDDIE JONES has been told there is nothing in his box of tricks capable of upsetting Johnny Sexton.
Chip Shop Chips is being staged by Manchester theatre company Box of Tricks, a new writing theatre company committed to developing and producing the best new work around; discovering, nurturing and promoting the next generation of playwrights.
The 25-year-old winger, on loan from Chelsea, scored five goals and provided three assists to win over a lot of fans with his box of tricks approach to team play.
Roberts ripped Lincoln Red Imps to shreds at Celtic Park and unleashed his box of tricks against Astana before being crocked in the return leg and missing out on the Hapoel Beer Sheva thrillers.
The production, from Box of Tricks, stars Waterloo's Ben-Ryan Davies and Jessica Forrest (Hollyoaks and Coronation Street) among others.
In the opener against England, after a dour pointless first half, Ringo delved deep into his box of tricks and with Bowen alongside him, the backs helped craft two tries for Adrian Hadley in an 11-3 success.
Dominic Ball has told Spurs showman Nathan Oduwa to keep opening his box of tricks for Scottish football.
A CHURCH hall in a community in Solihull could be a saviour for patients in cardiac arrest thanks to a new box of tricks.
Then on Friday, May 1, Box of Tricks brings Plastic Figurines, a new play by Ella Carmen Greenhill, to the stage.
In many ways Sterling, light on his feet and a box of tricks, is a throwback to the wingers of that era and he was Liverpool's major threat in a central role.
The box of tricks element in many of her stories shows her shrewdness and immense ingenuity, she is still able to fox us with her tales.
Jacques Tchamkerten presided over this box of tricks with magisterial calm, flecking the soundworld with gurgling meteorites of delight.
A little box of tricks sent from heaven (or Hednesford) to save the season.
com JUST released by Sky, this box of tricks turns any TV set with an HDMI input into a Smart set able to connect to a range of internet based services like BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Spotify, Facebook and, of course, Sky's own offering.
CARLTON COLE has warned West Brom boss Steve Clarke to watch out for his box of tricks when West Ham travel to The Hawthorns today.