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'The 'Boss Man' is symbolic of a call to action, an attempt at awareness and motivation to get persons involved.
The very funny innovator boss man - Sundar Pichai graces Ted Talks India.
Among his chief rivals is Phil's Magic, who showed well to take fourth in that same Kilbeggan race won by Mr Boss Man.
He was last seen wearing a tracksuit top, blue or black jeans, a white Hugo Boss baseball cap and carrying a Hugo Boss man bag.
"When I was there, Tony Garbelotto saw me and was good friends with the boss man Paul Blake and that was it from there."
He said: "I said to Adam 'The boss man is playing'.
Heavy Hammond funkateers Big Boss Man are a four piece band currently located between London and Wales.
Well, any country that sells a drink called Smack clearly likes its vices and that's what big boss man Franciszek Smuda appreciates all too well.
The boss man, Ayanda Maqolo, admitted he was scared, but couldn't show fear in front of his employees.
She added she had heard someone then shout: "Here comes the boss man."
Iolo continues to enjoy boss man Alun's company and although Alun also seems to be enjoying himself, he's hiding a big secret.
"We wanted to emphasize the Boss heritage of always being prepared, and the cool and composed attitude of the Boss man. The Boss Bottled Night experience does that," said Jopa Malantic, global design brand manager at Boss Fragrances.
The series of aftershows continues on Sunday with a show from BIG BOSS MAN.
London-based Wilson was known as the "boss man" and brought heroin and cocaine into the city.