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You see," observed Elliston, pointing to the book of serpents, while a smile gleamed upon his lips, "I am making an effort to become better acquainted with my bosom friend; but I find nothing satisfactory in this volume.
You, however, have none in your bosom, and therefore cannot sympathize with the rest of the world.
At which point I must confess that all of my sex craving vanity surgery appear to me to need psychological help more than new bosoms.
I thought they either hung low or I walked around with my bosoms in the air and my shoulders cut to shreds.
Russell once told an interviewer that "Christians have bosoms, too, you know," and in her autobiography she talked about the conflict between her religious faith and her image.
Mad Men-style '50s shapes with room for bosoms and bottoms are going to be all the rage this autumn.
FORMER Miss UK Gemma Garrett was understandably animated when she was cornered in the Apartment nightclub this week and asked if her bosoms were surgically enhanced or, indeed, the real deal.
Oh those dreaded teenage years Full of acne, full of tears Hormones going wild inside Bosoms that you'd rather hide
Don't panic, I'm not talking bosoms here; I did that famous pencil test years ago and failed miserably - still haven't found the pencil.
And the very idea that if she were two stone heavier and had D-cup bosoms people might have more sympathy is selfpitying twaddle.
2) Following his wife's abrogation of her civic duties--spectacularly represented when her bosoms surrealistically fly off like a set of balloons--the now hermaphroditic Husband heroically bears the Nation's children parthenogenetically.
Women with bigger bosoms have never really enjoyed sport in the way everyone else can.
UNDERAGE online gambling remains in the headlines, after some little snitch managed to lie her way into the naive bosoms of Britain's innocent bookies - but the real problem is surely at the other end of the age-scale.
Lots of blood, the horrors of slavery, and lewd interludes with warm flesh and ample bosoms make for a satisfying novel in a series entitled by the author "Sex, Swords, and Sailing Ships.