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1. n. (bad) body odor. (Initialism.) Man, do you have BO!
2. n. box office, where tickets to some event are sold. If you want your money back, you’ll have to go to the BO.
3. n. HBO, Home Box Office, the cable television channel. (Initialism and dysphemism based on sense 1) There is boxing on BO but no movie.

BO juice

n. a deodorant; an underarm deodorant. (see also BO.) Help this man find his BO juice, fast! He really needs it.
See also: bo, juice
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These PCR fragments were subjected to three restriction enzyme digestions in order to identify Bos indicus and Bos taurus alleles, which were used for breed differentiation between imported and Hanwoo beefs.
What business models are BOS players pursuing to gain greater market share globally?
BOS is traded on NASDAQ Global Market and on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.
An archived Webcast of the conference call will be available on the BOS Web site at www.
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These transactions improved our balance sheet and better positioned BOS for embarking on its growth initiatives in 2008 designed to strengthen product offerings and distribution channels worldwide.
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The EDW will provide BOS with a single view of its business for analysis across departments and systems.
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In connection with the transaction, BOS agreed to grant New World, contingent upon the satisfaction of certain conditions, a three-year option to purchase up to 30% of the New World shares held by BOS, at prices ranging from $0.
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If the offering is completed, BOS expects to raise up to a maximum amount of approximately $5 million, depending on market conditions.