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1. An abbreviation for "body odor," a foul smell usually related to sweat emanating from someone. Ew, you need to shower—you reek of BO!
2. An abbreviation for "box office," a place where one can buy or retrieve tickets to events. You park the car, and I'll head to the BO to get our tickets.
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1. n. (bad) body odor. (Initialism.) Man, do you have BO!
2. n. box office, where tickets to some event are sold. If you want your money back, you’ll have to go to the BO.
3. n. HBO, Home Box Office, the cable television channel. (Initialism and dysphemism based on sense 1) There is boxing on BO but no movie.

BO juice

n. a deodorant; an underarm deodorant. (see also BO.) Help this man find his BO juice, fast! He really needs it.
See also: bo, juice
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