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1. noun, slang A thrill; a jolt of pleasure or excitement. I always get a boot out of seeing the kids open their gifts on each day of Hanukkah. Just because we're retired doesn't mean we can't get a boot out of life!
2. verb, slang To dismiss or discharge someone unceremoniously from some job, role, position, etc. A: "What happened to Bill?" B: "I heard they booted him for screwing up the Robertson accounts." They booted the senator out of office after evidence of his involvement in the scandal came to light.
3. verb, slang To eject or remove someone from some place. Tell the bouncer to boot those obnoxious guys, will ya? You have no grounds to boot us out of here! Hey, watch the hair!
4. verb, slang To vomit. I've been so sick that I feel like I've booted everything I've ever eaten.

the boot

Prompt, unceremonious dismissal from one's job, role, or position. I heard they gave Bill the boot for screwing up the Robertson accounts. Everyone has been expecting the senator to get the boot after evidence of his involvement in the scandal came to light.
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dismissal from employment or from a place that one is in. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) I guess I wasn't dressed well enough to go in there. They gave me the boot. I'll work harder at my job today. I nearly got the boot yesterday.
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1. n. a thrill; a charge. I get a real boot out of my grandchildren.
2. tv. to dismiss or eject someone. I booted him myself.
3. n. a dismissal or ejection. I got the boot even though I had worked there for a decade.
4. tv. & in. to start the operating system of a computer. When I booted, all I got was a feep.
5. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. The kid booted and booted and will probably never smoke another cigar.
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16 NATURE, Cameron and his colleagues call their finding a "probable detection." Another team, which includes David Charbonneau of Harvard University, finds no sign of reflected light in the spectra of Tau Bootes, however.
Intriguingly, the newly found planet circles tau Bootes at a distance of 6.8 million kilometers, well within the furnace of the star's outer atmosphere.
Last year's Bootes Star Party, held July 29-August 2, took place at Qingdao, a famous summer resort and port city in Shandong Province, about 600 kilometers (400 miles) southeast of Beijing.
"We plan to hold the Bootes Star Party at Yunnan Observatory in the near future," says Xie.
"We know for sure that the Bootes void is not filled with big, bright galaxies like ours," says Robert P.
According to Richard Hinckley Allen, author of Star-Names and Their Meanings (1899), medieval Arabs saw an enclosure for sheep in the circumpolar stars and figured that Bootes was the shepherd.
BOOTES, THE HERDSMAN, is an easy constellation to locate.
ON THIS MONTH'S CENTER STAR chart, you'll see the kite-shaped figure of Bootes, the Herdsman, high in the south.
Since you must wait so late for summer sunsets to come and twilights to fade, and even later for summer sights to wheel into better view, you can spend your first hour among the beautiful but underobserved constellations of Bootes, Corona Borealis, and Serpens Caput.
Radio galaxy 3C 295 and a hundred other stellar cities make up the cluster of galaxies Cl 1409+524, some 5 billion light-years away in Bootes. The space between the galaxies is filled with very thin, 50-million-degree gas, a strong source of X-rays.
On May and June evenings in 1999, the brightest point of light after Venus and Mars is Arcturus, chief luminary of Bootes, the Herdsman.
Because double stars don't gather in particular celestial regions (as most extended objects do), Izar falls in Bootes only by coincidence.
Arcturus is certainly the most notable object in Bootes, the Herdsman.
William Romanishin (University of Oklahoma) used the 2.1-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory to obtain a CCD image of 1E 1415.6 + 2557, a BL Lac object in Bootes. After processing the raw image shown above left, to subtract the brilliant light of the galaxy's billions of stars, a 3-arc-second jet was detected, apparently emanating from the BL Lac's nucleus.