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1. verb To leave or depart. Dude, I hear sirens—we better boogie before the cops get here.
2. verb To dance, often to rock music specifically. I hope you'll boogie with me tonight—my husband hates to dance.
3. verb To become focused and work diligently on something. Fine, take a break now, and then we'll boogie.
4. verb, vulgar slang To have sex. I heard that Katie and Brad boogied last night after leaving the bar together.
5. noun A style of dance that is often done to rock music. I'm not great with the boogie—can you show me some moves?
6. noun Solid mucus removed from the nose. Ew, quit rubbing your boogies on me, or I'll tell Mom! I don't have any noticeable boogies, do I?

boogie board

1. noun A shorter type of surfboard that one typically lies on. Aw man, I forgot my boogie board—I guess I'll just have to hang out on the beach and watch you guys.
2. verb To ride waves with such a board. We're going to the beach to boogie board today, if you want to come.
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boogie down

To go or hurry to some place or event. I'll boogie down to the store after I finish watching this show.
See also: boogie, down

boogie down to (some place)

To go or hurry to some place or event. I'll boogie down to the store after I finish watching this show.
See also: boogie, down, to

boogie on down

To go or hurry to some place or event. I'll boogie on down to the store after I finish watching this show.
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full-tilt boogie

1. adverb At the highest capacity or level of performance possible. When I first bought the car it was a total hunk of junk, but after a few months of work, I've got it running full-tilt boogie. After a bit of a slump last year, our manufacturers are back to operating at full-tilt boogie.
2. adverb Very rapidly, recklessly, or with full abandon. When the police showed up, everyone darted full-tilt boogie out of the house.
3. noun An extreme level of performance, capacity, or energy. We've reached a full-tilt boogie in the office, with everyone working extra hours to get the project off the ground.
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boogie down (to somewhere)

Sl. to hurry (to somewhere); to go (somewhere). So, why don't you boogie down to the store and load up with goodies for the weekend? I'm gonna boogie down and see what's going on.
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(ˈbugi and ˈbʊgi)
1. n. a kind of rock dance. I didn’t like the boogie until I learned how to do it right.
2. in. to dance rock-style. I’m too old to boogie.
3. n. a party where the boogie is danced. There’s a boogie over at Steve’s tonight.
4. in. to get down to work; to get down to business. All right, it’s time to boogie. Cool it!
5. and booger n. a piece of nasal mucus. (Usually objectionable.) Is that a boogie on your lip, or what? There’s a booger on his collar.
6. in. to leave. Come on, man. Let’s boogie.
7. n. a tumor. (see also guber.) Looks like a little boogie down in the lung.
8. in. to copulate; to have sex. (Usually objectionable.) Let’s go boogie.

boogie down (to somewhere)

in. to hurry (to somewhere); to go (somewhere). So, why don’t you boogie down to the store and load up with bud and berries for the weekend?
See also: boogie, down, somewhere, to

boogie down

See also: boogie, down


(ˈbugibord and ˈbʊgibord)
1. n. a surfboard. (California.) Get your boogie-board out there in that tube.
2. n. a skateboard. (Teens.) Can you imagine a boogie-board costing 600 dollars?
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Larger, more beautiful, more powerful." Whether you are cutting a rug in the minuet, swinging and swaying with Sammy Kave, or just getting down and boogieing, dancing is an invitation to fun and romance.
"Enough of boogieing, tell me about you," I'd have to say at some point.
To prove you can't keep a good man down, when Hind's other date turned into a disaster she returned to her pals and bumped into Dunwoody "still boogieing the night away".
Naturally, such an undertaking can't be done all at once, so before daring to actually stand on a surfboard in the middle of a roaring wave, we opted to first try out bodyboarding, originally known as boogieboarding since it appears you're dancing, or "boogieing," on water.
An entire phalanx of speech therapists isn't going to stop kids from boogieing right along to Teletubbies, as Maria Margaronis recently reported in these pages.
Dance historians have not been pleased to acknowledge that the American creations boogieing around the world are of ethnically mixed parents.
But by the time the first half of the show closed with Rebel Rebel, most of the audience were boogieing away - and my son had a new favourite Bowie song.
With stiff competition from Susan Boyle, Diversity and saxophonist Julian Smith, old Stavros danced away with the fourth place and they are still boogieing together to this day.
It is for I'll Be There, the new release from legendary disco band Chic and stars American model Karlie Kloss, pictured - all 6ft 1in of her - doing little more than boogieing around her bedroom in her knickers, showcasing the sort of pins that would leave gazelles green with envy and grinning from ear to ear.
In London we had wearable looks from the likes of Issa and Temperley, high octane glamour and a TV star-studded front row from Julien Macdonald, dramatic dresses and royal ruffs at Giles, roadsign handbags at Anya Hindmarch, rock and roll at Vivienne Westwood Red Label, boho vibes and Kate Moss and (a very late arriving) Naomi boogieing away at Burberry plus Sophie Dahl's return to the runway.
"This is our moment to give back as a company, to say 'we love Bahrain' and to make this viral to showcase how awesome Bahrain is all over the world." The shooting started on Sunday with a well-dressed man strutting his stuff in front of the Bahrain Financial Harbour, followed by young movers and shakers boogieing in the souq surrounded by 'happy' vendors.
Later both of them were spotted on the dance floor with some other revellers, boogieing the night away.
Here, Julianne lets loose on boogieing, bogs and everything in between.
MOST Indians may not have been lucky enough to catch Barack Obama boogieing, but there are enough videos circulating of him dancing with Michelle at state dinners and also of his spontaneous number with Ellen Degeneres on her syndicated talk show.