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1. slang noun A female breast. The male fascination with boobs will always be beyond my understanding.
2. noun A stupid, clumsy, or foolish person. Jeremy can act like such a boob sometimes.
3. noun A foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Aw, don't worry, you just made a bit of a boob, that's all.
4. verb To make a foolish or clumsy mistake or error. Primarily heard in UK. I'm afraid I boobed pretty spectacularly in class this morning.

side boob

slang The side of a woman's breast when partially exposed or accentuated by her clothing. Does this dress give me too much side boob?
See also: boob, side

man boobs

slang A derisive reference to a man's chest, especially when he is overweight and appears to have breasts. You need to hit the gym, dude. Man boobs are not sexy.
See also: boob, man


1. n. a stupid person; a rural oaf. Why did I marry a boob like you?
2. and booby (ˈbubi) n. a breast. (Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) With boobs like that, she can go anywhere she likes.


n. a television set. (Something for a boob to watch.) You spend too much time in front of the boob-tube.
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Reflecting the trend towards natural, the three celebrities we would NOT swap boobs with were
The average cost of a private practice boob job is estimated to be between PS3,500 and PS5,000.
Wise posted a 45 second video clip taken from his painless Body Building in Water series and called it the "Man Boob Lifter.
I've always said if I ever reach 8st 7lb I'd have my boobs done.
We want to remind women that the essence of a woman, her femininity and her value are not contained in her breasts or her outward appearance," says Mary Beth Gibson, co-founder of Beyond Boobs.
In July 2012, Chrissy Lance raised funds for her boob job by sitting on a street corner in Akron, Ohio, with a "Not Homeless
Now, does this mean Samia Ghadie - Corrie's Maria - who met her hunky beau when he partnered her on Dancing on Ice, had a boob job and then Sylvain just happened to move in, and she's happy?
Yes, I didn't know trends applied to actual parts of the body, rather than the stuff that goes on it, but women are pushing their boobs up in a way we haven't seen since the 80s.
Rachel said: "There is a band in the book called The Boobs.
He loves her figure and always pays her compliments; 2 BUT recently Jodie has been getting more and more obsessed with the size of her boobs and says they're small and unfeminine; 3 SHE keeps accusing Ben of eyeing up women with bigger boobs and no matter what he says she thinks she looks unattractive; 4 ONE day she comes home from work and tells Ben that she has booked in for a boob job and paid a deposit.
But Orlaith McAllister has admitted that her tan isn't the only thing that is fake - her boobs have had a surgical boost.
I hate my boobs so wearing a Wonderbra makes them look bigger giving me more confidence in myself,'' she says.
But the two boobs do have one thing in common: We've all seen enough of them to last us a lifetime.