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shoot through like a Bondi tram

To hastily depart, abscond, or flee; to pass quickly through or by a place. An allusion to the tram lines that ran in and out of Bondi, New South Wales, until 1960. Primarily heard in US. After Joey found out I was pregnant, he shot through like a Bondi tram back to Perth. All of a sudden, a string of cars started shooting through town like Bondi trams, followed shortly thereafter by a couple of police cars.
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give (one) Bondi

To strike or attack one violently. Primarily heard in Australia. Those guys are dangerous and will probably give you Bondi if you mess with them.
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give someone Bondi

attack someone savagely. Australian informal
A bondi (also spelled boondie , bundi , or bundy ) is a heavy Aboriginal club.
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Bondi, 52, is a Florida native who comes from a family of teachers, according to her official (https://www.
Bondi said Cupcakes for Courage, a bakery food truck, will be on hand.
Attorney General Pam Bondi said, These contractors should honor their promises to Floridians and do their jobs when they are needed most.
beaucoup moins que] Apres reception de ces fonds, Pam Bondi n'a pas voulu poursuivre l'enquete sur les interets financiers de DonaldTrump.
What's more, Trump's donation to Bondi was apparently illegal because he made it through a family foundation, and tax laws prohibit such charities from giving to political groups.
A fascinating battle is in store with seasonal debutante Almela and Lustrous Light also in the field but preference is for Bondi Beach.
In response to Atzeni's comments, Bondi Beach's jockey Colm O'Donoghue felt that both the first case of interference, and the second inside the final half a furlong, caused his horse to suffer a loss of ground and also momentum.
I didn't see it properly but it looked like it was messy and Bondi Beach was closing the gap going down to the line.
Therefore, I'm happy to side with BONDI BEACH today.
He has already beaten Bondi Beach in the Great Voltigeur Stakes - which has been the key trial for the Leger down the years.
York runner-up Bondi Beach is one of six horses still in the mix for Aidan O'Brien, with the trainer's facile Irish St Leger Trial winner Order Of St George looking his best chance at the head of the ante-post markets.
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was among 47 attorneys general to help pursue the settlement over the bank's credit card debt collection practices.
com)-- Bondi Waverley Squash Club has signed up to become the second facility for the East Coast Squash Academy in Sydney, Australia.
There are no points for guessing that Bondi Beach has attained somewhat of an iconic status in Sydney.
STORM Uechtritz did not have a care in the world as she lapped up the rays on Bondi Beach.