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A piece of creative work, especially a book, created solely for quick financial gain by appealing to widespread, popular opinions and taste, as opposed to striving for any artistic integrity or merit. She's been able to crank out two to three potboilers a year, which has given her the financial freedom to pursue her true passion—sculpting. When I'm stretched out on the beach, the only thing I have the patience to read is a trashy potboiler that doesn't require any emotional investment on my part.
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pot boiler

n. a book or other literary work of no value except for the money it earns. I can write one pot boiler every six months or so.
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Replacing coal-fired boilers with natural gas boilers or electric boilers has become a hot trend.
It costs on average between [pounds sterling]150 and [pounds sterling]400 to get a boiler fixed, when it goes bust and many companies also charge a call out fee, so ensuring central heating is in good working order throughout the whole year can save money before the temperatures start to drop.
This equates to 140,000 homes that couldn't replace a broken boiler.
KARACHI -- No boiler accident occurred in the factory in Landhi as there is no boiler installed in the factory.
For further information on Grant's range of heating appliances, which are available from plumbing and heating merchants throughout Northern Ireland, visit: Think Boilers. Think Grant.
The boilers and flues were new in 2013 and the flues failed dramatically (Photo 1) in less than three years.
STICK IT TO THE WALL Many old boilers are large oor-standing ones that are out of place in a modern home.
STICK IT TO THE WALL Many old boilers are large floor-standing ones that are out of place in a modern home.
The first major hospital contract Byworth secured was in 2005 when three new Yorkshireman 6000kg/hr dual fuel trailerised hire boilers were built to support Doncaster Royal Infirmary conversion from a coal to gas fired boiler house.
In July, ASME released the 2015 edition of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section I, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers.
Experience over several years of commissioning buildings with condensing boilers is that about 90% of the boilers never operate in the condensing range.
Wilkinson, Inc.'s mobile company, Wilkinson Mobile Boilers, Inc.
Principal-1--Return Water Temperatures to the Boilers must not Exceed 80[degrees]F (27[degrees]C) to Achieve the Advertised Boiler Efficiency
They involve the buy-back program, meaning the replacement of the old wall-hung boilers. We are preparing for a replacement market and for the development of a new range of products with greater energy efficiency, such as the condensing wall-hung boiler.