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1. n. a cocaine user. (Drugs.) Max is a blower, among other things.
2. n. cocaine. (Drugs.) What’s the best quality blower around here?
3. n. a cigarette. You got a blower I can bum?
4. n. a handkerchief. He pulled a crusty blower from his back pocket.


and mind-blower
n. a hallucinogenic drug, typically LSD. (Drugs.) That mind-bender takes a long time to wear off. This stuff is a real mind-blower.




n. someone who calls a halt to something; an informer; an enforcer; a stool (pigeon). I don’t know who the whistle-blower was, but a good time was really ruined.
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On the other hand, the global volume consumption of blowers in light vehicles is expected to maintain a slightly better 3.
HR Blowers takes its name from the product it manufactures - Holmes Roots blowers.
Products on display included the ZB range of centrifugal air blowers, the ZM range of multistage centrifugal blowers and the ZS range of oil-free screw blowers, which is celebrating its fifth year of production.
The H-Series snow blowers also offer Command Zone advanced electronics with an LCD dash pod and Russian language displays and readouts.
Predictably, it was Jonners, who in that effervescent public school spirit chose most of the nicknames, including that of our man Blowers, who is performing his two-hour, one-man show at the Southport Theatre a week tomorrow (Wednesday, October 10)
But wait a minute, smart guy, my small blowers cost me less--take a look at my receipt
Mechanics, do any of your Strykers have a Rev G blower, PN 10639516, or a failed blower with any part number in the engine bay fan assembly?
Taylor isn't impressed with the proposed law, calling it ridiculous because leaf blowers aren't used at night.
But it isn't the noise that's my most serious objection to leaf blowers.
But the high-volume blower also slew 80 percent of the lice.
Package offers 7-day timer, monitors dew point, process and regeneration temperatures, return air temperatures, process and regeneration blowers, and alarm functions, which may affect the drying process.
The gas after the washing tower passes through the gas blower, a part of the gas is heated in a recuperator and recycled into the middle part of the Fushun retort for oil shale pyrolysis; the other part is transported to a cooling tower, where shale oil and water are gained and directed to a water-oil tank.
Ryobi's RGBV3100 two-cycle gasoline powered blower/vacuum features a low-tone muffler and converts from a blower to a vacuum with the flip of a switch.
IT WAS quite a family affair at Nuneaton Borough on Saturday where the Blowers were out in force to see one of their youngsters enjoy being mascot of the day at the Tiverton Town game.
A line of hot air blowers designed for continuous operation and capable of interfacing with PLCs for a range of heating and drying applications is available from Malcom Hot Air Systems.