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1. n. a cocaine user. (Drugs.) Max is a blower, among other things.
2. n. cocaine. (Drugs.) What’s the best quality blower around here?
3. n. a cigarette. You got a blower I can bum?
4. n. a handkerchief. He pulled a crusty blower from his back pocket.


and mind-blower
n. a hallucinogenic drug, typically LSD. (Drugs.) That mind-bender takes a long time to wear off. This stuff is a real mind-blower.




n. someone who calls a halt to something; an informer; an enforcer; a stool (pigeon). I don’t know who the whistle-blower was, but a good time was really ruined.
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The project with HR Blowers and the university, which has a value of PS200,000, sees engineering graduate Euan Armstrong based at the company as KTP associate, supervised by Prof Mishra.
Products on display included the ZB range of centrifugal air blowers, the ZM range of multistage centrifugal blowers and the ZS range of oil-free screw blowers, which is celebrating its fifth year of production.
The standard 50Hz blowers deliver pressures up to 650hPa(g) and flow rates up to 1615 [m.
Aeration systems often use centrifugal blowers, and manufacturers publish performance curves that plot static pressure versus flow rate for use in selecting a blower.
Nautilair blowers are available in 12 or 24 VDC, 120 or 240 VAC, or a universal voltage input of 120-240 VAC.
In HVAC, the common motor loads are refrigerant compressors, fans, blowers and pumps.
The Eco Blower employs that same engine technology.
While Buffalo Turbine offers several commercial models of turbine blowers, the military has specified its Cyclone model to be powered by an 18 hp Kohler diesel engine.
The H-Series snow blowers also offer Command Zone advanced electronics with an LCD dash pod and Russian language displays and readouts.
Opportunities abound in the world of medical devices and healthcare equipment for designers to prescribe variable-speed blowers.
Predictably, it was Jonners, who in that effervescent public school spirit chose most of the nicknames, including that of our man Blowers, who is performing his two-hour, one-man show at the Southport Theatre a week tomorrow (Wednesday, October 10)
Vessels have to discharge more often to meet demand, meaning more cycles and start/stops at the blowers.
Service directive SD-BCT-030, Rev 2, provides the full scoop, including how to turn in removed Rev G blowers.
Taylor last year asked the council to consider banning leaf blowers from the city limits.
We've lived where we are for 35 years and ours is a quiet old West Los Angeles neighborhood, or used to be, before the giant new box houses and the leaf blowers came.