blow your mind

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blow (one's) mind

1. To impress, overwhelm, or excite one to an extreme degree. The show of support from everyone has just blown my mind. I had really low expectations for the movie, but it totally blew my mind.
2. To impact, alter, or disturb one's normal cognitive process or ability to a great degree, especially as a result of drug use. Watch out, this weed is pretty strong. It'll blow your mind! I knew a few friends in college who blew their minds taking LSD.
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blow your mind

COMMON If something blows your mind, you find it extremely exciting and impressive. I saw her show in Manchester and it just blew my mind. Oxford really blew his mind. He loved the feeling of the place, he loved the people. Note: You can also say that something is mind-blowing. Falling in love like that is a mind-blowing experience. There are over a thousand paintings, sculptures and other works from the period and it all adds up to a mind-blowing visual experience. Note: This expression originated in the 1960s and was originally used to refer to the experience of taking drugs such as LSD.
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blow your/somebody’s ˈmind

(informal) make you/somebody feel extreme pleasure, excitement, etc: This new game will blow your mind! ▶ ˈmind-blowing adj.: We were stunned by the mind-blowing beauty of the landscape.
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UNBELIEVABLE MOMENTS CAUGHT ON CAMERA Sun ITV 6pm Forget silly selfies, these real-life events captured on mobile devices will genuinely blow your mind.
BE prepared for music that will "blow your mind" says the conductor of Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra about the ensemble's next offering at Huddersfield Town Hall.
We have snacks that can blow your mind. The most popular snacks that get sold out are mostly spicy noodles, mango whirls, bubblegum goobers and aqua juices.
"You guys are in for something that will blow your mind," he told tabloid!.
I want to show you how to cook some things that are going to blow your mind," says Jamie.
The episodes will blow your mind. Matt has already had Hollywood calling and there is no way I want to lose him."
Set in New York in the year 2030, and with songs made famous by the likes of AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, and Queen, organisers say the audience will be rocking in the aisles with an "amazing stage set and pyrotechnics to blow your mind."
Dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind
DANGER,danger, warning sign, Drugs will kill and blow your mind. Are you daft or are you sane, Why let drugs destroy your brain?So to all good kids on our streets, Don't take drugs and end up dead beats.
In 2001, she collaborated with Eve on the smash- hit single Let Me Blow Your Mind. The song won a Grammy for Best Rap Collaboration.
You can count on two things: dancers who will blow your mind and choreography that, in large part, won't.
"Some of the moves they perform totally blow your mind. This will be a great night of entertainment and I can imagine it's even better to see them perform in the flesh."
A show that will blow your mind with their performances and interviews.
Make your way down The Academy, Middle Abbey Street, where Ireland and the UKs Biggest Indie night will blow your mind.
Their colours oh so vibrant, they can blow your mind