bleed (someone or something) dry

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bleed (someone or something) dry

To take all of the resources that another person or thing has available. This phrase is often applied to money. Paying for my kids' education is just bleeding me dry. I hope I'll still be able to retire one day! Overhead costs are bleeding our business dry. We need to come up with a different way of doing things.
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bleed someone dry


bleed someone white

COMMON If someone or something bleeds, a person, organization, or country dry or bleeds them white, they take all of their money or resources from them. The first two interest payments had bled him dry. His realm had been bled dry by years of war with France. Note: In the past, doctors often treated patients by bleeding them, which involved removing some of their blood.
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bleed someone dry (or white)

drain someone of all their money or resources.
Since the late 17th century bleeding has been a metaphor for extorting money from someone. White refers to the physiological effect of losing blood.
1982 William Haggard The Mischief-Makers Her husband had been a wealthy man, the lady's solicitors sharp and ruthless, and her husband had been bled white to get rid of her.
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bleed somebody ˈdry/ˈwhite

(disapproving) take away all somebody’s money: He used to be quite wealthy, but his children have bled him dry.
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tv. to drain someone of money through extortion or continuous demands for payment. I’m going to bleed you till I get what I deserve.

bleed someone dry

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BLACK WIDOW A WINE you could easily get hooked on (if the price doesn't bleed you dry), Jackson Estate Vintage Widow Pinot Noir 2012, Marlborough, New Zealand (PS19.99, Majestic) is a top-quality pinot from this famous wine region that's making a mark for its reds, as well as its sauvignon blanc.
Jeremy Hunt is killing the NHS so that his owners can bleed you dry" - Comedian Rufus Hound.
From the cradle to their college years, the little 'uns bleed you dry with their demands to be fed, clothed and entertained.
She's stealing the money from you and potentially could bleed you dry.
Otherwise they will bleed you dry and then move on.
DON'T you just love these radio adverts for banks and building societies that promise you the earth when all they really want to do is bleed you dry?