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blackmail (someone) into (something)

To coerce someone to take a certain action by threatening to expose something about them. I've known him for years and can definitely blackmail him into silence. The maid blackmailed her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money.
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blackmail someone into doing something

to force a person to do something by threatening to reveal some secret about the person. Are you trying to blackmail me into doing what you want? They blackmailed me into doing it.
See also: blackmail
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The Information Technology Authority (ITA) is calling victims of online blackmailing to fight back and report scammers while "ensuring full privacy.
Mohammed Riyazuddin, the Cyber Crime Inspector, who successfully probed the case and nabbed the culprit said girls realised the real identity of their tormentor only after getting the blackmailing calls.
BEIRUT: The police arrested a man Friday suspected of harassing minors on the Internet and blackmailing them into having sexual relations with him.
Ian Strachan, 31, pleaded not guilty to a single charge of blackmailing the complainant for pounds 50,000 between January 1, 2007, and September 12, 2007.
Brazilian cleaner Roselane Driza, who worked illegally for both the judges, faces jail and deportation after she was convicted at the Old Bailey of blackmailing a female immigration judge ( known in court as J ( who employed her.
A woman appeared in court yesterday charged with blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig farm which was at the centre of a hate campaign by animal activists.
Revelation of the blackmailing of Sir Hari Singh over his affair with a white woman, Maud Robinson, riveted London society in the mid-1920s.
A 34-YEAR-old man will appear before Wrexham Magistrates this morning charged with blackmailing a Holywell man.
If I thought I could get ahead in the industry by blackmailing, I'd be all over it," says Arquette.
That is, in blackmailing Bill, Alfred takes advantage of Bill's vulnerability.
The possibility for blackmail creates an expectation of profits from blackmailing others after discovering their norm violations.
Blackmailing striking workers to give up their right to picket under federal law to receive benefits that have already been granted to other members of the same strike, is a clear signal that the State would rather harm its own citizens than risk offending Northwest Airlines.
SIALKOT -- aPolice have arrested an accused for raping a married woman in his neighbour, blackmailing and uploading her porn video clips on the social media.
Summary: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Feb 7 (ANI): The alleged rape victim, who was shut behind the bars for allegedly blackmailing and extorting money from Congress MLA Hemant Katare, made shocking revelations on Wednesday after getting released on bail.
The suspect was identified as Usman, who used to extort money and valuables from girls by blackmailing them on social media.