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Owners Chris, 34, and Lorraine, 32, were amazed when Oscar joined in cries of "Bingo!" as they played one night.
BINGO! Players are set to scoop even larger jackpots with just a clicketyclick of Gordon Brown's fingers.
By the time the last number was called, the tension was so high that the winner flubbed the shout and, instead of "Beano," cried out "Bingo!" And the legend began.
The object of this activity is for campers to mark the different animals they find on the Bingo sheet and to shout "Bingo!" when they find all the insects in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
They should have plenty of opportunities to yell "Bingo!"
We call it "Bingo!" - trigger word that sends our offense onto the field to run a designated play without a huddle.
Our first "Bingo!" package contained three plays: a deep pass to a wide-out on either side of the formation, a play to attack the perimeter, and a quick-hitting play up the middle.
We use the term" Bingo!" to communicate the idea that we are going without a huddle and on a snap-count that has been predetermined before the game.
Immediately after a turnover created by our defense or any change of possession, we have a coach start yelling "Bingo! Bingo!
The plays used in "Bingo!" come from our base offense.
"Bingo!" is simply another one of those little wrinkles that can make offense more fun for the kids and at the same time create problems that will force the opponents to worry about it and devote valuable practice time to it.
Since we practice and use "Bingo! often, it conditions our players for our two-minute offense.