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gender bender

1. One who dresses and/or behaves in the manner or style of the opposite sex. Tom works as an accountant during the week, but he has a performance routine as a gender bender on the weekend.
2. One who challenges, denies, or explores the borders or limitations of gender identity, typically through means such as activism, transvestitism, academic discourse, etc., or a combination thereof. Some of the leading academic gender benders are gathering this week for a summit on transgender rights.
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fender bender

A small car accident in which minimal damage is incurred. Michelle was a new driver so she was extremely upset when she had her first accident. Luckily, it was a fender bender and there was no real damage to either car involved.
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fender bender

Fig. a minor car accident. A small fender bender tied up traffic on the expressway for hours!
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1. n. a drinking binge. (see also twister.) Her benders usually last about ten days.
2. n. a heavy drinker; a drunkard. This bender comes up to me and nearly kills me with his breath, asking for a match.
3. n. a girl who copulates without much fuss. (Her legs bend easily. The same as benda.) Maydene is a bender and everybody knows it!
4. n. a release of intestinal gas when someone bends over. I stooped over and let a bender that rocked the room.


1. n. a minor accident. (see also rear-ender.) There are a couple of fender-benders on the expressway this morning, so be careful.
2. n. a reckless driver (who causes minor accidents). I can’t get insurance on my seventeen-year-old, who is a hopeless fender-bender.


1. n. a device that changes electrical plugs or sockets to the opposite gender—male to female, female to male. You need what’s called a gender-bender to match those plugs.
2. mod. having to do with something that obscures male/female distinctions. Those gender-bender hairstyles can be confusing.


and mind-blower
n. a hallucinogenic drug, typically LSD. (Drugs.) That mind-bender takes a long time to wear off. This stuff is a real mind-blower.
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