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true believer

One who passionately supports a cause or concept. My sister is a true believer in social equality, so she is out at the protest today.
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make a believer (out) of (one)

To convince or persuade one to believe or have faith in someone or something. I was really skeptical of his supposed breakthrough, but the demonstration he gave us made a believer of me. Their absolute dominance in the first game of the tournament made believers out of the entire city—now everyone is throwing their support behind the home team!
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The believers should also strive to guide the betrayed people besides praying for their rectification, he added.
As shown in the accompanying graph, 100% of Concerned Believers worry a great deal about global warming and think human activity causes global warming.
Some believers say poltergeists are closely associated with the four elements - fire, air, water and earth.
Believers cannot admit alternatives because doing so would undermine the comfort of their hope of settled faith with doubts that their beliefs are possibly not true.
According to him, around 600 Muslim Albanians are engaged in military activities in Syria, and IRC of Macedonia will initiate a project to stop the recruitment of believers in the military hotbeds.
notes, for the believer to "commit [him- or herself] to doing the hard work of bringing faith and criticism into dialogue" (159).
police chief Huseinov demanded from the owner of the tea-house do not let the believers in.
The accused accessed a website and posted filthy and depraved comments slandering the Prophet's Wife and Mother of the Believers Aisha", the third instance of the Lower Criminal Court heard.
When Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the Zionist lobby group AIPAC or the US Congress, he's talking to believers.
Orthodox Christian believers took part in the prayer and hymn chants, before starting on the march outside of the monastery.
A team of researchers led by University of British Columbia psychologist Ara Norenzayan probed the attitudes of several hundred religious believers toward various groups, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, feminists, and homosexuals.
But the number of Sikhs and Jewish believers fell slightly.
This is followed by an epilogue that reveals the "Spreading of the Word" by believers of each faith.
The tension between individual and communal dimensions of the church and the interplay of congregational, denominational, and global aspects of the church lie at the heart of this new collection of essays on believers church ecclesiology.