be there (for one)

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be there (for one)

To be willing and readily available to be a source of comfort and support for one in the face of hardship or suffering. Through thick and thin, my wife, Julia, has always been there for me. You've got to be there for her while she gets back on her feet.
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been there

set phrase Used to express that one has done or experienced something before. Often used without a subject. A: "I got back to my car a mere three minutes after the meter expired, and I still got a parking ticket!" B: "Ugh, been there." Don't worry so much about failing a test, we've all been there.
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(I've) been there(, done that).

Inf. I know exactly what you are talking about from my own experience.; I know exactly what you are going through. John: Wow! Those sales meetings really wear me out! Jane: I know what you mean. I've been there. Sue: These employment interviews are very tiring. Bob: I know it! I've been there.
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