beg to differ

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beg to differ

To politely disagree with someone else. I'm sorry, headmaster, but I beg to differ. Students at this school should have more access to financial aid and scholarships, not less. He thinks that the evening was a disaster, but I think all those people enjoying themselves would beg to differ!
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beg to differ (with someone)

Fig. to disagree with someone; to state one's disagreement with someone in a polite way. (Usually used in a statement made to the person being disagreed with.) I beg to differ with you, but you have stated everything exactly backwards. If I may beg to differ, you have not expressed my position as well as you seem to think.
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beg to differ

Disagree with someone, as in John told me Max was sure to win, but I beg to differ-I don't think he has a chance. This courteous formula for expressing disagreement echoes similar uses of beg in the sense of "ask," such as I beg your pardon, so used since about 1600. Also see excuse me.
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I beg to ˈdiffer

used to say politely that you do not agree with something that has just been said: I must beg to differ on this. I think you are quite mistaken.
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beg to differ

To disagree in a polite manner.
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beg to differ, I

I disagree. This polite conversational phrase uses beg in the sense of “ask” or “entreat,” much as it is in the stock locution “I beg your pardon” for “Excuse me.” This usage dates from the 1300s.
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In G&A's October "Spent Cases" column, the title read "The Most Successful .22 Ever Made." I beg to differ. The Ruger 10/22 is the most successful .22 ever made.
IN response to Barbara Ward's letter entitled "Appalling lack of shops", I would beg to differ.
If anyone is interested, they can contact Joanne Williams on (01554)746271 or Joanne Williams Community Fundraising Executive Wales, RNIB - supporting blind and partially sighted people * I MUST beg to differ with Rosemary Wilson (You Say, October 26).
WITH respect, I must beg to differ about the letter from Kathy Keig re Radio Merseyside.
I beg to differ. The Darby and Joan Hall has been part of the village for well over 50 years, and is still being used by several groups and the church.
BOLTON 5 Davies (pen 18, pen 90+3), Lee (39), Elmander (50, 72) NEWCASTLE 1 Carroll (52) BOLTON boss Owen Coyle insists the prospect of the Reebok Stadium once more playing host to European football next year is "fanciful" - but a growing number beg to differ after his side's 5-1 trouncing of Newcastle.
In last Friday's Mail he said, and I quote: "It's a shame about McFadden but I have three recognised strikers left in Bent, Phillips and Jerome." Sorry Alex, but I beg to differ. We have one striker - Phillips.
IN REPLY to CW Byker (Vent Your Spleen, June 20), maybe pounds 20-pounds 25 does not sound like a lot of money for travel, but some pensioners, managing on the basic pension, would beg to differ. OK there are many OAPs getting top-ups, but there are those who don't, and while we are on that subject, what about all those groups who will not work?
I beg to differ. Anne Marie Rogers won back her life and her peace of mind.
However, I beg to differ with his statement that "Our Daily Bread Employment Center will be the first one-stop resource center for poor and homeless people in the Baltimore region" (NCR, Sept.
It is said that the devil has all the best tunes, but drinkers in a south Wales pub would beg to differ after a snake took over their jukebox.
Constitution could be elected, there is little he could accomplish without a likeminded Congress." Regarding this statement made in the article "Whom Do We Elect?" by Gary Benoit, I beg to differ.
I would beg to differ however, on the point that Mr.
Many people feel that optimization is less risky or less expensive than innovation, and I would beg to differ.