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SuperBeets helps boost your body's nitric oxide levels, and that helps increase your energy and stamina," claims a TV ad for the concentrated dried beet powder.
Below are 7 benefits of beets that boost your physical and mental health.
Many athletes consume large quantities of beets to get these benefits.
More than that, nothing beats a good old beet juice.
Therefore, to fulfill this need, sugar beet can be used as a good dietary fibre provider.
Zumpano says that while vegetables such as beets can be an important part of a heart-healthy diet, it's too early to base specific recommendations on the findings of this study.
Some endurance athletes swear by beet juice to boost performance.
Green Top Bunching beets are an excellent variety, and most growers prefer this type just for growing greens.
GROWING UP EATING MY MOTHER'S BORSCHT from a jar may have ruined my budding love for beets -1 must confess, they are not my favorite vegetable.
We have seen growth in the root category like potatoes, beets, ginger, sweet potatoes (yams), parsnips, fennel, celery root and colorful carrots, too," says Director of Public Relations Robert Schueller.
Fertiliser prices have increased by 33% and Farmers are requesting a 12% price increase for supplying one tonne of beets to factories.
Beets are the perfect addition to bountiful fall feasts.
There is a possibility to decrease the degradation of beets by quick deliveries to the factory within 24 hours through mechanical harvesting.