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legal beagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal beagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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and legal-eagle (ˈliglæˈbiglæ and ˈliglæˈiglæ)
n. a lawyer. I’ve got a legal-beagle who can get me out of this scrape.
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I have told people for most of my life how much I enjoy hearing beagles on a hot track.
Caption: Beagles that tried to open an immovable lid often sought human help.
Save the Harlan Beagles is a campaign group set up to stop the breeding of beagles for scientific experiments where the pups are taken from their mums and caged in laboratories.
'When their noses are enthralled with something, beagles go deaf.
"It's a tradition and a chance to enjoy the beautiful countryside with a fabulous PACK of beagles." About 30 beagles led hundreds of people around rural Holme, with people of all ages - from babies to pensioners - joining the walK, many with their own dogs.
Save the Harlan Beagles, which campaigns against testing on all animals, not just beagles, called a public debate with B&K but Mrs Irving said the company failed to turn up.
Danny's Yo-Yo Adventure tells the story of Danny, a mischievous beagle who "borrows" his sister's yo-yo without her permission.
Hunt's beagles on the trail at Palmer Beagle Club in Holland.
Now that I've said that a hunter without dogs can harvest as many cottontails as a hunter with beagles--and I believe this to be true--I must say that there is no better way to spend a winter day than chasing rabbits with beagles.
Along with many others in the scientific community, Lord Sainsbury, our science minister, is distraught at the problems faced by the Beagle II Mars mission.
In a recently published essay, Beagles and co-author Dave Beech broadsided the tendency of cultural studies to recast the consumption of popular culture as a radical activity.
In my opinion, you can't beat the beagle as a top choice for your homestead.
The Wye Beagles Hunt set off as normal on Saturday with hounds from other packs.
In a show of defiance the Wye Beagles Hunt set off from Dymchurch, Kent, as normal despite the capture of 46 dogs.
The sound of my beagles baying in full pursuit of a cottontail brings back memories of my very first rabbit hunt.