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bête noire

A person or thing that one strongly dislikes. This phrase means "black beast" in French. People who chew loudly are really my bête noire. She's trying to get her shift changed because night work is her bête noire.
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bête noire

A person or thing that is particularly disliked. For example, Calculus was the bête noire of my freshman courses. This phrase, French for "black beast," entered the English language in the early 1800s. For synonyms, see pain in the neck; thorn in one's flesh.
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your, his, etc. bête ˈnoire

(from French) a person or thing that particularly annoys you and that you do not like: Edward was furious when he discovered that he would be working with his old bête noire, Richard Watkins.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘black beast’.
See also: bête, noire

bête noire

The bane of one’s existence; a persistent nuisance. French for “black beast,” this cliché is older than the synonymous pain in the neck and thorn in one’s side. It dates from the first half of the nineteenth century and became popular (in English) during the long period when French was the principal language of culture and diplomacy. It is on its way to obsolescence.
See also: bête, noire
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Le Navet Bete have once again teamed up with long time co-conspirator and legendary comedy writer and director, John Nicholson, who is co-artistic director of Peepolykus and has written extensively for BBC Radio 4.
Le wahhabisme et ses adeptes ne faisaient pas oeuvre caritative en distribuant les petrodollars, ils introduisaient [beaucoup moins que]la bete immonde[beaucoup plus grand que] pour detruire la moderation et la tolerance dans lesquelles vivait la societe.
Isabelle Papieau's scholarly work strives to highlight such an influence, not only of the fairy-tale collections by Straparola and Basile, but also of Italian culture, art, architecture as well as history in general and especially the period known as the Quattrocento, on later adaptations of the French fairy tale "La Belle et la Bete" (Beauty and the Beast).
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The news Fallon had been engaged for the Patrick Gallaghertrained Belle Et Bete at Santa Anita on Friday - when the cream of the female Classic generation take centre stage in the Oaks - came out of the blue for his British agent Simon Dodds.
Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti concedes tonight's Champions League opponents Atletico Madrid have been aa genuine pest for his team this season, but not their "bete noire".
ALAN PARDEW has his second narrative-driven game in a week as Liverpool visit their south London bete noire tomorrow evening.
Cats in the garden, karaoke DJs, foreign food and small talk at parties are among the bete noires, but who hates what, and will host Frank Skinner throw the lever and commit them to that fateful Room?
Their closest chance came in 17th minute, when Souvik Chakraborty sent a nice pass to Junker inside the box, but the latter's shot was deflected by Atletico goalkeeper Edel Edima Bete. Souvik shot a powerful right- footer from the six yards box which went straight to Bete.
He is also survived by 5 of his children; Carol Wentworth-Bete (Michael Bete) of Amherst, MA; Patrick Wentworth (Richard Opler) of Parker, CO; Lisa Wentworth (Gene Cassanelli) of Granby, MA; Diane Wentworth (Carol C.
Et sur la meme periode, c'est Orange Tunisie qui reprend du poil de la bete et gagne 200.000 nouveaux abonnes entre octobre 2013 et avril 2014.
Switching to a virtual office has proved to be a smart move for spray nozzle specialists Bete. Saving them around [pounds sterling]50,000 a year by encouraging staff to work from home and has resulted in the company being shortlisted for The Guardian Newspaper - Small Business Award.
Prem janta hai jab me rota toh meri maa kya kheti thi, kya kehti thi tumhari maa, kiikiikii soja amar bete soja warna crime master gogo aa ajyega