be yourself

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be oneself

To be in one's most natural, comfortable, sincere, and ingenuous state of mind and being. You should always try to be yourself with those you care about. I told her to just be herself during the interview.
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be yourˈself

act naturally: Don’t try to act sophisticated — just be yourself.
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This is a fairly standard theme for young readers: assert yourself, be yourself. Yet all the attention on Floey's oversize mammary glands by a male writer in a book which almost certainly will be read only by girls seems off, as if he were one of his own snickering 11-year-old characters fascinated by Floey's chest development.
SUFFERING from an eating disorder causes you to lose your freedom to be yourself.
But there are three stages to self-knowledge: to know yourself, to be yourself, and to forget yourself.
Search for every way possible to let go, and find the courage to be yourself. This may mean maintaining a support network ...
I'm not saying come out, but be yourself - you are not by sleeping 1 with this guy.
And then, when you're ready, find yourself a girl who'll let you be yourself - and not want you to do things you aren't nearly ready for.