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bathtub crank

Amphetamines that have been made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. The name alludes to "bathtub gin," referring to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. Stay away from that bathtub crank, man, it's sure to mess you up!
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bathtub gin

Any alcoholic drink that is made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. Refers to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. This stuff is strong, but it tastes like bathtub gin!
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bathtub scum

A phrase applied to someone that one strongly dislikes. That guy's total bathtub scum—don't hang out with him.
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vertical bath

slang A very long, leisurely shower. You need to stop wasting hot water in there. You're supposed to be getting clean, not taking a vertical bath!
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bathtub crank

n. homemade amphetamine. (From bathtub gin.) Somehow she got hold of some bathtub crank and had a really bad trip.
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bathtub scum

n. a totally despised person. (see also pond scum, shower scum. Also a term of address.) Look out, bathtub scum, outa my way!
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vertical bathtub

n. a men’s urinal. When I walked into the room with vertical bathtubs, I knew I was in the wrong place.
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Their latest development, Tubwrap simply goes over any bathtub or shower floor and provides immediate protection for the tub.
These premium materials also mean that the bathtubs heat up faster and stay warm longer.
Dubai: The tragic death of Bollywood superstar Sridevi from "accidental drowning" in the bathtub of a Dubai hotel room last week, has raised serious concerns about the safety of what is generally believed to be a stress-busting soak-in.
Japanese bathtubs are also deeper.In the US, federal mortality data in 2006 stated at least one American dies in a bathtub, hot tub or spa a day, with most of them high on alcohol or drugs.
"The ANZZI Aegis is one of the more vintage tubs offered by ANZZI for those old-fashioned lovers that appreciate a rich history of the original design of bathtubs. The Aegis is extremely durable; it is probably one of the most durable bathtubs I have ever been in.
Tony said: "Bathtubbing is basically kayaking in a bathtub. We use an ordinary bathtub - with the plug in, of course.
They were promoting this year's 200th anniversary of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal ahead of October's bathtub event at Llanwrtyd Wells.
Modern bathtubs can be fitted with sensor driven control systems that help regulate water temperature and pressure which can save up to 60% of water.
The tub surrounds can be installed in 45 minutes, Schuessler says, reducing total bathtub replacement time to four hours.
London, Sep 18 (ANI): A Brit man's heart-thumping stunt of spending 121 days with few of the most venomous snakes in a locked room has been rejected by Guinness World Records, as he didn't share a bathtub with them.
A 3-star hotel needs to have a minimum ratio of 50/50 bathtubs and showers.
Tony Bain would only reveal last night that the race would be different from the bathtub racing that originated in Canada in the 1960s - which involves racing bathtubs with outboard motors installed - in that it would be an entirely green event with no motors involved.
Old cars, old furniture and especially old bathtubs always seemed to pique Warren's interest when he saw them discarded or left as garbage.