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1. Sold at a low or reduced price; very inexpensive. The term comes from a section of a department store, usually at the ground or basement level, where inexpensive items or those at reduced prices are sold. George paid nearly $500 for his designer suit, but I think my bargain-basement suit looks just as nice.
2. Of very poor or inferior quality; having very little or no value. You can tell that these are bargain-basement toys: they all broke after an hour of the kids playing with them.

basement battler

In sports, a team that is ranked in a lower division (known as the relegation or "drop" zone) of a given league, and that competes against similarly ranked teams to try and advance into a higher division. Primarily heard in UK. They face another fierce basement battler in this week's match, and a lot is at stake for both teams.
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There are also different types of basements, so a full walk-out basement is far more desirable than an underground basement with no natural light, like a prison cell.
With some effort and financial investment, basements can be as beautiful and functional as other rooms in a home.
Though "Basement Complete" is largely how-to instructional, it also explores some design and planning issues, making it the truly complete reference title for all things basements.
As some migrants had stated, they could dry their clothes inside their basements. This result follows the previous researcher whereby migrants only emphasizes the basic housing facility to improve their life.
The basements of all the plazas to be built in trader centers have been declared commercial.
Most basements require soffits to cover ducts and pipes.
However, there is frustration on the part of appraisers, builders, homeowners, and sales people about the difference between the cost of basements and the value given them in appraisals.
That's not to say we don't have basements. Some are only beneath part of the house, such as one of my old homes which used the slope of the hill to give a half basement at the back, while others are a semi-basement, where the ground floor is set six or eight steps above street level and the basement is then half a storey down.
According to The Basement Information Centre (TBIC), developers are now realising the benefits of incorporating basements in new-build properties - reduced need for building and insulation materials, reduced energy consumption and increased profit potential.
During the 1960s cellars or basements generally fell out of favour with developers due to the cost factors of deeper foundations and unreliable waterproofing systems making them unpopular with homeowners.
Except, it doesn't happen with heated basements, regardless of whether they are insulated.
Boston's basements are what inspired Wong to introduce them in Sacramento.
"One of the concepts behind the gallery name is to create a platform for bringing these artists and their works out of the 'basements' where art is sometimes stored and forgotten into a growing regional and global marketplace," said Baharak Raoufi, one of the founders of the BASEMENT gallery.
That's why department stores should bring back their bargain basements. I know, I know.
4 In some areas of London planners are concerned that too many basements are having a "Swiss cheese" effect on the substrata and they may be tightening up on permissions.