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barrow boy

A boy or man who sells fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow boys selling their goods along the avenues.
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barrow man

1. A boy or man who sells goods (usually fruit, vegetables, or other comestibles) from a handcart (barrow) on the streets. Primarily heard in UK. When spring arrives, you can hear the calls of barrow men selling their goods along the avenues.
2. obsolete A prison convict whose sentence is transportation (deportation to a penal colony, such as the Americas or Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries). The term refers to Woolwich prison bulk inmates whose primary labor was to haul dirt and bricks in wheelbarrows. Primarily heard in UK. I was once a barrow man on the street, selling fruit to the people; but then I killed a man for money, and now I am a barrow man set for Australia.
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Haemmer time for all barrow boys and girls IF you're looking for a new wheelbarrow you could do a lot worse than check out Haemmerlin.
Robert Barrow and Angela Barrow has been pushed back to Nov.
The Evesham 3 at Redrow's Barrows Green in Widnes, above.
David Barrow confronted wife Nicolette and her lover Jason Earle after tailing him to their secret rendezvous in a shopping centre.
Today, Barrows Hardware serves the city's 180,000 residents as well as those in neighboring towns and communities.
He makes some of the finest - and nattiest - suits for his high-end clientele so Adrian Barrows took matters in his stride when he was offered an Olympic challenge.
This paraphrase of Virginia Woolf could describe the premise of The Cosmic Time of Empire, in which Adam Barrows argues that subsequent developments of the novel can be read as a series of engagements with a new conception of time.
Tom Barrows, the owner of the newly-opened Vim Sports in Wenatchee, is intensely focused on precision.
Development Exercises and Etudes for Horn by John Barrows.
Barrows was the Executive Director for the Mendon Housing for the Elderly for 15 years before retiring in 1979.
A fund to help cover medical expenses has been established for 20-year-old Mapleton resident Johnny Barrows, who was seriously injured in a swimming accident on the Siuslaw River near Mapleton on Saturday.
Round barrows are the most common form of prehistoric monuments in Britain with over 30,000 sites known, and have been subject to over 200 years of research and excavation.
The youngsters from 1251 Berwyn Squadron of the Air Training Corps will be at the controls - or rather the handles - of the wheelbarrows at the Gardening Show at Llangollen on the weekend of July 28 and The squadron is practising with nine new barrows from retailers Wilkinson painted in the famous red livery of the Red Arrows - usually seen on Hawk Tls.
Equally important, Barrows and Tamblyn suggest that this type of pedagogy may ward off harmful changes in students' clinical reasoning styles as they gain knowledge (1980).