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A nickname for the baritone saxophone. I started out playing the alto sax, but I like the bari much better.

bari sax

A nickname for the baritone saxophone. I started out playing the alto sax, but I like the bari sax much better.
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and bary (ˈbæri)
n. a baritone saxophone, the saxophone with a pitch range approximating that of the human baritone voice. (Musicians.) Willy played the bari when he was in college. He pawned his bary and made everybody happy.
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Yoneticilerin ve tebaasinin ortak refahi birbirlerine baglidir; ten ve tao ile tum toplum komsulari ve dogayla baris icinde yasama firsati elde eder.
Suri, Kantci ebedi baris paradigmasinin Cin siyaset felsefesiyle uzlasmazligini iddia eden yaygin hipotezlerin temelde eksik ve yetersiz dayanaklari olduguna karsi cikarak, Kant felsefesinin ve liberal uluslararasicilik yaklasiminin klasik Cin siyaset felsefesindeki ve cagdas Cin dis politika soylemindeki izdusumlerini ortaya koymustur.
Quality In Components, another subsidiary of Nottingham firm Baris, is continuing to trade while administrators at FRP Advisory seek a buyer.
Iste tum bu farkli cephelerden, birlesik veya ayri ayri ortaya konabilecek sabotaj girisimlerine karsi BM bans gucleri baris surecini koruyucu bir fonksiyon ustlenebilir.
About eight months ago I moved into a flat and needed internet access," said Baris, 24, a software developer, from Gillingham, Kent.
We can't compromise safety", said Baris Tozar, the head of coastal safety in the Bosporus, adding: "If these pressures on us to do so continue, we'll open the door to a disaster.
Not nearly as minute or user friendly, Leks Baris starts off Canada's Chino.
Baris articulates every word he spits from his lips, and the message is loud 'n' clear: When in doubt, rock out
Izzettin Baris, of the Guven Hospital in Ankara, and Dr.
Suitable for all ages, Balinese Dance, Drama and Music covers how performing arts are learned in Bali, the principal Balinese values that artistic media passes on, and discussion of individual forms of performing arts, such as Gameland Gong Kebyar, Lgong Keraton, Baris, Wayang Kulit, and the relatively recent phenomenon of women's and children's performing groups.
He skipped past Deniz Baris and crossed to Giggs,who scored with a marvellous header.
Contrasting this portrait of feminine grace, I Made Djimat (Cenik's son) performed Baris Tunggal, a character study of a male warrior.
As many as 10,000 people could still be trapped in rubble around the town of Golcuk, (pronounced GUL-jik) 80 miles southeast of Istanbul, according to the town's mayor, Ismail Baris.
Baris is re-joining Wilmington Trust's Wealth Advisory Services (WAS) business, where she previously served as vice president and senior trust advisor.
Sayinin Bulent Sarper Agir tarafindan kaleme alinan "Bagimsizlik Sonrasi Donemde Kosova'da Baris" baslikli ucuncu makalesinde yazar, baris kavraminin hem olumsuz hem de olumlu anlamlarda dusunulmesi gerektigine yonelik referansla, 17 Subat 2008'de bagimsizligini ilan eden Kosova'nin halen suren gecis donemini ele aliyor.