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a banker's dozen

One less than a dozen, i.e., 11. A play on "a baker's dozen" (13 rather than 12), it refers to lending in which interest is deducted at the time of the loan, therefore yielding less than what the loan actually stipulated. A soccer team has a banker's dozen players on the field at any given time.
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bankers' hours

A working day that is shorter than usual or acceptable, especially one that begins late and ends early. It refers to the traditional opening times for banks, which formerly opened at 10 AM and closed at 3 PM. With the boss out on vacation, some of us have been working bankers' hours for the past couple of weeks.
See also: hour

banker's hours

A limited work schedule (as banks were once known for having short work days and being closed on holidays and weekends). You won't be able to reach her on a Saturday—she keeps banker's hours.
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emptier than a banker's heart

Containing nothing. Totally empty. We really need to go to the grocery store because our refrigerator is emptier than a banker's heart right now.
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colder than the shady side of a banker's heart

Very cold. You better bundle up—it's colder than the shady side of a banker's heart today.
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banker's hours

Fig. short work hours: 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. When did you start keeping banker's hours? There aren't many bankers who keep banker's hours these days.
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emptier than a banker's heart

Rur. completely empty. My wallet was emptier than a banker's heart. His pockets were emptier than a banker's heart.
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keep banker's hours

Fig. to work or be open for business for less than eight hours a day. The advertising agency keeps banker's hours. They are only open until four. James doesn't really work full-time. He keeps banker's hours.
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banker’s hours

n. short work hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. When did you start keeping banker’s hours?
See also: hour
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The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation program was started in 1973 for members of the Mortgage Bankers Association who have demonstrated through education, experience and performance a proficient knowledge of the broad spectrum of real estate finance.
The fact is, CCB and the other "banks" in China are not really financial intermediaries and do not generally extend credit to private companies, according to local bankers who work with these entities.
While the regulations do not permit mere allocations between deductible and nondeductible amounts, it remains to be seen whether Treasury will accept allocations made by the investment bankers themselves to the various services they provided, based on informed recollections of the course of the engagement, even though such allocations may not be supported by time and expense records.
"Oh, right," conceded the bankers, who then shifted to the old ruse that passage of the referendum would cause corporations to flee, jobs to be lost, and the state to dry up and blow away.
Virginia bankers like the SBLI plan because it can increase revenue, broaden insurance offerings to customers, and form stronger relationships with them, said R.
Dennis Hackett left the family farm near Tuscola, Ill., to attend the University of Illinois in the 1960s, and he's been an agricultural banker ever since.
Section I discusses prior theoretical and empirical work on the information role of investment bankers as financial intermediaries, and develops hypotheses.
The investment bankers say demand for your IPO looks strong, and they expect your stock to open with a "pop." That prediction proves true--the shares open at $23 and the price moves steadily higher throughout the trading day, finally closing at $25.
The American Bankers Association Foundation is calling for banker volunteers for its 17th annual Get Smart About Credit campaign, an initiative designed to teach teens how to use credit effectively.
In addition to the Japanese Bankers Association, there exist several other banking associations: The Regional BanksAssociation of Japan, the Second Association of Regional Banks, and the Trust Companies Association of Japan, each of which work for the common interests particular to its member banks.
Private bankers are often highly plugged into their community and interact with a wide variety of professionals.
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