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a banker's dozen

One less than a dozen, i.e., 11. A play on "a baker's dozen" (13 rather than 12), it refers to lending in which interest is deducted at the time of the loan, therefore yielding less than what the loan actually stipulated. A soccer team has a banker's dozen players on the field at any given time.
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bankers' hours

A working day that is shorter than usual or acceptable, especially one that begins late and ends early. It refers to the traditional opening times for banks, which formerly opened at 10 AM and closed at 3 PM. With the boss out on vacation, some of us have been working bankers' hours for the past couple of weeks.
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banker's hours

A limited work schedule (as banks were once known for having short work days and being closed on holidays and weekends). You won't be able to reach her on a Saturday—she keeps banker's hours.
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emptier than a banker's heart

Containing nothing. Totally empty. We really need to go to the grocery store because our refrigerator is emptier than a banker's heart right now.
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banker's hours

Fig. short work hours: 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. When did you start keeping banker's hours? There aren't many bankers who keep banker's hours these days.
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emptier than a banker's heart

Rur. completely empty. My wallet was emptier than a banker's heart. His pockets were emptier than a banker's heart.
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keep banker's hours

Fig. to work or be open for business for less than eight hours a day. The advertising agency keeps banker's hours. They are only open until four. James doesn't really work full-time. He keeps banker's hours.
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banker’s hours

n. short work hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. When did you start keeping banker’s hours?
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As East-West relations deteriorated into the Cold War, the BIS provided a valuable contact forum for central bankers from both sides of the "Iron Curtain.
However, the rifles for documenting these deductions may be difficult to apply in practice, because they may require detailed information that investment bankers have historically not maintained.
Not only are they being vigilant and noisy about ongoing sneaky banker efforts to punch loopholes into North Dakota's "opt-in" requirement, but she's also organizing in her hometown against the privacy-crushing provisions of Bush's Patriot and Homeland Security Acts.
In New Jersey bankers did not have the statutory authority to sell SBLI products until the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley law opened up financial services.
Investment bankers say the valuation process is as much an art as a science.
If your credit is really bad, be aware that mortgage bankers and brokers may offer you a deal "priced according to risk," says Paul Mondor of the Mortgage Bankers Association of American in Washington.
Accordingly, investment bankers have little incentive to second-guess their first analyses.
In fact, since McBride's struggle in 1990, business lending is down by 16%, according to the American Bankers Association.
Justice Gammerman reached the opposite conclusion in the more complicated Bankers Trust case.
Starbucks' rigorous standards narrowed the field of potential investment bankers from two dozen candidates to two.