bang the drum

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bang the drum

To voice one's support for something. Quit banging the drum for that candidate—he is simply not qualified for the job.
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bang the drum


beat the drum

If you bang the drum or beat the drum for something or someone, you support them strongly and publicly. The trade secretary promised to `bang the drum for industry'. If the French want to beat the drum on behalf of French culture, good luck to them.
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bang/beat the ˈdrum (for somebody/something)

(especially British English) speak with enthusiasm in support of somebody/something: She’s really banging the drum for the new system.
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A TEESSIDE charity is banging the drum to support people living with disabilities.
Namely, Liberal Democrat councillor Dr Wendy Taylor banging the drum in Newcastle for the introduction of a levy on cheap booze to lower the cost of pounds 1.
THE self-styled Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham has never shy about banging the drum for Brum.
PUPILS at Potters Green Primary School are banging the drum for after-school clubs.
Banging the drum for Investors in People are Professor Laurie Taylor, guest speaker, David Cragg, chief executive Birmingham & Solihull TEC, Ronnie Bowker, senior partner, Ernst & Young, pictured with two members of steel band Tropical Heatwave
FOUR Teessiders will be banging the drum for possibly the finest band of the "Madchester" scene.
BIG NOISE: Jose Enrique is banging the drum for Jonas Gutierrez insisting he will come good for United
Undoubtedly the Nats will continue banging the drum for independence.
That is why it is more important than ever before for (regions such as the North-East) to have a strong voice and strategic leadership ( banging the drum for the region in the corridors of power".
YOUNG bhangra dancers have been banging the drum to put their stamp on a new Royal Mail campaign.
Rich is seen banging the drum with youngsters (from left) Kaitlin Wild, eight; Harriot Robinson, seven; Priya Mistry, nine; Andrew Brack, 10; and William Taylor and Greg Morgan, both eight.
Everywhere I went prior to the elections someone was banging the drum for Plaid.