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make out like a bandit

Rur. to make a large profit. Joe's making out like a bandit, selling expensive cameras. Mary made out like a bandit, playing twenty-one in Las Vegas.
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make out like a bandit

Succeed extremely well, as in He invested in real estate and made out like a bandit. This expression likens other forms of success to that of a triumphant robber. It may, however, come from an intermediate source, that is, the use of bandit (or one-armed bandit) for a slot machine, which is far more profitable for the house than for gamblers. [Slang; c. 1970]
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one-armed bandit

A slot machine, as in It's amazing how many people think they can make money playing a one-armed bandit. This term refers to both appearance and function: the operating lever looks like an arm, and the machine in effect robs players, since it "wins" and keeps the player's money in an overwhelming majority of instances. [c. 1930]
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make out like a bandit

To be highly successful in a given enterprise.
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As the Minister of War observed in 1488 apropos the growing number of Mongols in Hejian, Baoding, and Dingzhou: "they have no other way to support themselves, so they plunder as bandits.
He said that the bandits fired multiple shots leaving two traders wounded.
Police said that armed bandits barged into a property dealer shop located in Korangi Employees Society and trying to rob the shop when shopkeeper offered resistance.
The military said it was not immediately known if Nee was with the group of bandits that the soldiers encountered.
They urge leaders to stop meeting law-abiding citizens in trading centres instead of talking directly to bandits, who spend time in bushes.
According to Galvez, 170 bandits have surrendered to the military since 2017 - 75 from Basilan, 60 from Sulu, 33 from Tawi-Tawi, and two from Zamboanga City.
The slain bandit was identified as Badal Keerio, a notorious criminal who carried a price on his head, according to the police officials.
The referee ordered a second rerun with all three remaining rides, in which Morris and Barker revisited their rivalry and battled hard through with the Bandits number one taking the win in yet another 3-3, the Bandits remaining six behind.
With accompanying libraries for both iOS and Android, developers will be able to quickly integrate TomTom Bandit technology into their application and build great experiences using smart video recording.
The Sticky Bandits got their campaign underway with a 4-2 defeat at the hands of Sean Keys FC, another young side whose victory over the tournament regulars made all observers sit up and take note.
The Levies Force arrested the injured robber and shifted the dead and the injured including the bandit and the Levies personnel to hospital.
The soldiers were conducting law enforcerment operations when they encountered the ASG bandits at 4 p.
After a brief chase policemen arrested the fleeing bandits with the help of local residents and recovered two pistols, a good number of bullets and a motorcycle from them.
Police identified the three arrested bandits as Santosh Pandit, Bausha Kale and Gorkha Bhosale.
By Bonifacio Taban Kuich August 24, 2010 (BENTIU) - Bandits attacked Guit County in Dadok Payam killing two people and seriously wounding five late on Saturday evening, according to the county's commissioner Puoy Yaka .