B and B

slang This phrase stands for "breast and buttock," referring to female nudity. Mom will kill us if she finds us with magazines full of B and B!
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A nickname for a "bed and breakfast," an establishment that functions in a manner similar to a hotel but that is usually a single home, and is known for serving breakfast. We stayed at an adorable B and B in the countryside for our anniversary this year.
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We will hear more about Sonya's desire for a Filipino BandB through her very good friend Clang Garcia, who is also highly passionate about the project.
Bacteriological Study of the Postoperative Wound Samples and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of the Isolates in BandB Hospital.
'BandB is the most watched soap opera in the world, with an audience of about 35 million viewers daily, and is broadcast in over a hundred countries.
Data is analysed from 6000 properties across the UK.*UK seaside destination The nation's Bed and Breakfasts will also be honoured by the inaugural National B&B Day on 24 March 2018, supported by the BandB Association, the trade body for small independent hoteliers, VisitEngland and eviivo.
With the convenient schedule, visitors will be able to check-in to their hotel, villa or BandB and then head directly for one of Martinique's storied beaches or to a local restaurant for cocktails and dinner to enjoy a rum punch and to sample the island's distinctive Creole French cuisine and other culinary delights.
Their attitude was illustrated in August 2008, when a local resident painted 'SCAB' on the road outside a local BandB because they had accommodated people associated with the dam.
In our town, all council houses are in bandB (assessed at under pounds 35,000).This includes four and five apartments.
SCOTLAND: For May Bank Holidays, website includes three nights' BandB from pounds 50 per person in Battery House, North Queensferry, to see Deep Sea World- and family rooms at pounds 50 per night BandB in Ashley House, Dundee, on Captain Scott trail.
The newly simulated 10,800 datasets at the half and double absolute rates were also subjected to UPGMA clustering of average taxonomic distances, maximum parsimony analysis of discrete characters using PAUP (Swofford, 1983) with exhaustive search (BANDB option, branch and bound) followed by midpoint rooting, in addition to the neighbor-joining of average taxonomic distances followed by midpoint rooting.
There's even a Tina Fey cameo as the woman who owns the BandB the girls booked in Napa, and gives the funniest bad pep talk imaginable.
The Runner-up was a female entrepreneur running a local Air BandB "Lets Home" for the residents of Hunza and Gilgit to earn additional income during the few months of tourism in the country.
class="MsoNormalLe Chateau BandB director Janet Nderitu said her 16 roomed guest house along Ocean beach resort where the conference is ongoing has been fully booked.
Ayala Land's beachfront bed and breakfast experiment in El Nido, Palawan, has reached its masterplanned Lio Tourism Estate with the soft opening this week of a 40-room BandB establishment called Casa Kalaw.