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badge bunny

A woman who is exclusively or primarily attracted to those who wear a badge on the job, such as policemen or firemen. There is one woman who seems to appear whenever I am out on duty; I think she's a bit of a badge bunny.
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turn in (one's) badge

To stop working. I can't believe it's time to turn in my badge already—this internship just flew by! My father recently turned in his badge after 30 years at the same job.
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lost-and-found badge

An identification tag worn by armed forces members on a chain around their necks. I kept my lost-and-found badge from the First Gulf War to remind me how tough life can really get. The bodies in the unmarked graves were buried with their lost-and-found badges, so military personnel were able to identify them and repatriate their remains home.
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lost-and-found badge

n. a military identification tag; a military dog tag. (From the Persian Gulf War.) My father still keeps his lost-and-found badge from the Korean War.
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Removing fake, forged and expired Blue Badges from circulation will free up parking spaces for legitimate badge holders.
Potential consequences of not linking PIP to Blue Badge eligibility include blue badge holders not being automatically eligible for a badge when it expires.
Welsh Government communities minister Carl Sargeant said: "Blue badges allow people in genuine need to live independent lives, and by invading blue badge spaces, other drivers are actually causing not just great inconvenience to the disabled person, but also physical pain.
Earning badges motivates students for the next steps in their journey," Moore says.
The most popular badges aren't necessarily validated on traditional transcripts and resumes, Ambrose says.
The car is finished in Black Badge Black, with the interior in Black and Cobalto Blue contrast leather and the facia in aerospace-grade aluminium-threaded carbon fibre composite surfacing.
Overall it is a comprehensive look at the badges, as well as a historical view of those men who battled a century ago in the skies over Europe.
A policy has been approved by the council, making it clear what action the council will take against fraud and misuse of blue badges.
Coun David Galliers, chairman of Coventry City Council's licensing and regulatory committee, said: "It is not necessary to use one of these sites to apply for a Blue Badge.
Blue Badges help disabled people to live independently, take part in the local community and contribute to their local economy.
The digital badges movement is still very new, and financial professionals are just beginning to use them.
The old badges were small, coin-shaped badges that lacked the appearance of official state business," Stick wrote.
Blue badges are issued by the DfT to those with severe mobility problems, allowing them to park at a range of locations with the maximum possible convenience.
Also mentioned in the article was the Chicago Summer or Learning, which is an interactive learning project and one of the most visible displays of badges.
So I've come up with 10 suggestions for alternative badges as sponsored by anyone who can afford it.