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5-inch display) were sold out and backordered during pre-orders, prior to the in-store launch of the smartphones.
It is observed usually in daily life that customers who have incurred a stockout might not be avid to pay and fetch the backordered item definitely at the next replenishment point, when the stocked out item is available again.
I'm currently backordered on ammo I ordered in February and haven't heard a word of encouragement yet.
If inventory is below the critical level of a demand class, any demand from this demand class will be backordered.
being backordered up to one to two months after order placement.
it]: Number of items 'i' that will be backordered from period 't' [YS.
Also, if you establish a waiting list for backordered ammo, consider giving your regular customers priority.
International customers also requested DLA to increase the review and release of backordered items, increase the use of direct vendor deliveries of DLA managed material for FMS customers, and publish clear pricing policies.
By eliminating the need for dealers to be at their desktop computers to respond to D2D Express orders, the SMS notification feature is expected to increase the speed at which backordered auto parts can be delivered to waiting customers.
Thirty-round M16 magazines are the single most backordered item in the military today," said Tim Dillon, Brownells Military/Law Enforcement Group manager.
OEConnection's comprehensive tools will help reduce the time it takes us to fulfill backordered parts requests and increase vehicle uptime for our customers.
The Gladius light has triggered a huge demand and the company is thousands of units backordered.
The new Failure to Supply (FTS) Potential Reimbursement Report enhances Pharmacy Spend's existing FTS reporting functionality by improving its ability to more easily pinpoint possible reimbursement for backordered products.