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in the background

In a (literal or figurative) place where someone or something is not very noticeable. I'm not the best dancer, so the director has put me in the background for most scenes. The more new people get hired, the more I feel ignored and lost in the background!
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into the background

Into a (literal or figurative) place where someone or something is not very noticeable. I'm going to move all of our less-experienced dancers into the background for this scene. The more new people get hired, the more I get pushed into the background and ignored!
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merge into the background

To act or position oneself in such a way as not to be very noticeable to others. Not feeling comfortable as the center of attention, I prompted someone else to start talking and then merged into the background.
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on background

Of information used in a news story, allowed to be published but only on conditions negotiated by the source, typically resulting in anonymity. The presidential aide agreed to give a statement to reporters on background.
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on deep background

Of information used in a news story, allowed to be published but without any attribution or mention of the source whatsoever. The government official would only reveal the truth of the scandal on deep background, which unfortunately meant my story would be forever disputed and discredited by members of the administration.
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merge into the ˈbackground

(of a person) behave quietly when you are with a group of people so that they do not notice you: Nick didn’t say anything during the meeting, and it was obvious that he was desperately trying to merge into the background.
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on background

For publication but without specific attribution of the source: The senator would only speak on background with the reporter about the crisis.
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on deep background

For publication without any attribution of the source.
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But contextualizing activities also involve connecting the text to the students' own social, cultural, and historical background, requiring the students to explore how the meaning of the text relates to their individual life experiences.
The majority of interns with teaching background reported being challenged personally in terms of adjusting to less emphasis on content, less structure in their work day, and less measurement of work accomplished.
Stefan Keller is president of Certiphi Screening, a provider of employee-screening services, including background checks and drug screening, exclusively to the healthcare industry.
Using your square as an anole, place against a background of photo of leaves.
The presenter stresses that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies employ men and women from every social, ethnic, and economic background. In short, every student in that class someday could have a career in law enforcement.
I have seen universities open their doors to students of all backgrounds. I have enjoyed the privilege of heading a great university that is respected for academic excellence and diversity.
Schwab: For me, having a broad background also means having a grasp of other cultures.
Table 1 depicts personnel roles and educational backgrounds reported by the respondents.
Relative rankings by CEO background are consistent with the relative rankings overall except for those CEOs with a background in law.
"We are looking forward to leveraging his experience and leadership as a veteran of the industry to help develop and grow our international background screening business."
Metrics have been proposed based on many researches which could be divided into three classes: (1) statistical metrics, such as, statistical variance (SV) [8], signal to clutter ratio (SCR) [9], target versus background entropy (ETB) [10], target standard deviation (TSD) [11] and target background interference ratio (TBIR) [12].
While director of the Santa Barbara (Calif.) School of the Arts from 1934-36, Browne painted backgrounds for that city's Museum of Natural History, something he also did for the Museum of Science, Boston.
Field observations suggest that Mediterranean geckos (an often ubiquitous introduced species in many metropolitan areas of the southern United States) have the ability to lighten and darken in response to their background. On light backgrounds, the geckos were typically light pink whereas on dark backgrounds they were typically much darker with a brownish hue to their skin.
Bar chairman Geoffrey Vos QC said people from ordinary backgrounds are often overlooked in favour of those from a "snobby" background.