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bach (it)

To live by oneself, as an unwed man (or "bachelor") does. The phrase can be "bach it" or simply "bach." I used to bach it, until I met and married the love of my life.
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bach (or batch) (it)

to live alone like a bachelor. I tried to bach it for a while, but I got too lonely. I didn't want to batch, but I had to.

ba(t)ch (it)

tv. & in. to live alone like a bachelor. I tried to bach it for a while, but I got too lonely.
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bach it

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bach it

To bach.
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En este ano 1985 se cumple el tricentenario de la fecha de nacimiento (21 de marzo de 1685) de Juan Sebastian Bach, razon por la cual en todo el mundo se le han rendido justos homenajes.
The opening had to be something inspired by Bach that does it in a way that is more celebratory," Marciano said.
Michael Marissen is just such a voice in the field of Bach studies: a prominent scholar doing excellent and innovative research, who writes in an interesting, engaging, and personal style.
If Bach tries to pull a fast one, I'm going to slam him… and I hope Craig Reedie (President of the World Anti-Doping Agency) does the same.
According to Christie's, less than 10 complete autograph scores by Bach are currently privately owned, including two instrumental works and six cantatas.
Scarcely an afterthought, the Bach thread continues on Good Friday when Jeffrey Skidmore directs Ex Cathedra in the taut, dramatic St John Passion, which will be sung in German with English surtitles (2pm).
IN HIS NEW BOOK, BACH: MUSIC IN THE Castle of Heaven, John Eliot Gardiner, a conductor as important to the understanding of Bach in our day as Schweitzer was in his, is less sanguine in his appraisal of the holy German art begotten of this unexampled ruin.
It is difficult to say precisely when Bach first encountered brass playing in Leipzig.
This fluidity of approach suggests that Bach resisted the notion of a finished work, preferring instead, in Buch's view, to view it as a 'framework for alternatives'.
Their Bach disc library is rich, containing, say, the Huges Counod recordings of Bach's Geistlicher Lieder (Sacred Songs) on Westminster LPs from 50 years ago, which I've never heard anywhere else or seen in any record library other than mine.
The singers will be accompanied by the Bach Consort of Worcester.
SEATTLE -- Richard Bach, the author of the 1970s best-selling novella "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" among other spiritually oriented books rooted in themes of flight and self-discovery, was in serious condition Saturday after his small plane crashed in Washington state.
Pentre Bach in Blaenpennal, near Aberystwyth, part of the extensive property portfolio of the UK's biggest holiday letting company - cottages4you - is the brainchild of Ifana Savill who wrote two TV series for S4C based on Sali Mali's cafe and the character's Pentre Bach village.
The 130,500 barrel-per-day (bpd) facility now uses all of its crude oil input from the Bach Ho field, said chief executive officer Nguyen Hoai Giang of Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Co, which operates the refinery in Vietnam's central region.
The TV village of Pentre Bach in Blaenpennal, a few miles from Tregaron, in Ceredigion, is where the very popular children's S4C TV series Pentre Bach was filmed.