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1. rude slang An abbreviation for "bare ass," referring to the bare buttocks. Good luck changing his diaper—he loves running around here with his BA out for the world to see.
2. rude slang An abbreviation for "badass," meaning tough and aggressive. This usage can be complimentary. That guy is so BA—I'm a little scared to talk to him, honestly. I can't believe you talked back to him like that! That was BA, girl.


n. bare ass; the naked buttocks. (see also hang a BA (at someone).) The guy was running around with his BA showing.

hang a BA (at someone)

tv. to display one’s buttocks to someone in derision. (A BA is a bare ass.) He went to the window and hung a BA—just for the hell of it.
See also: Ba, hang, someone

hang a BA

See also: Ba, hang