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mod. bring your own (booze or bottle). (Initialism.) A note on the invitation says that the party is BYOB.
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I think in general the License Commission has been supportive of BYOB establishments," said commission Chairman Kevin O'Sullivan.
Historians have yet to come up with the name of the region's very first BYOB, but modern restaurant experts agree the phenomenon developed as a result of Pennsylvania's strict liquor laws and high liquor taxation.
Metohu says when Cafe Espresso started, the BYOB model was "just less of a headache.
Visitors who fill out the BYOB Personal Profile are automatically qualified as eligible to win a $5,000 grand prize in BankAmerica's "Build Your Own Bank Sweepstakes.
According to the survey responses, misconceptions about BYOB policies and corkage fees can cause some customers to shy away from enjoying their own beverages at restaurants.
Town Administrator John Coderre said the policy was created to mirror regulations in place for license holders, and was created in case the town should find itself without any available licenses and a heavy demand for BYOB.
Thursday/D1 - County Liners 3-0; Conejo Mudcats 2-1; CRC - JLC 2-1; Benjamin Electric 1-2; BYOB 1-2; Wildbunch 0-3.
Selectmen also approved several new conditions on BYOB juice bar licenses.
Selectmen also discussed possible conditions they are considering placing on any local establishment's BYOB license, which would allow patrons to bring their own beer or wine to enjoy with a meal.
Selectmen established a policy for any establishment holding a BYOB license, which the board controls.
Entries into the BYOB contest are accepted through May 3, 2015.
Marchand said it is difficult for BYOB establishments to control the amount of alcoholic beverages being consumed and who is drinking on their premises.
Some members of the General Assembly may believe that there is a need to limit the location or number of PLCB stores that share space with a BYOB establishment, or limit the interior distance between the PLCB store and the BYOB establishment so as to not disenfranchise neighboring licensed establishments.
The BYOB policy was also on the table for discussion last evening.
com/) today announced a kick-ass summer promotion that will make you go out and search for more friends: A BYOB (Bring Your Own Buddies) summer offer that means $5 off each of your buddies' entrees for a limited time at participating restaurants.