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An abbreviation for "bring your own," typically used of a place or event that does not serve alcohol but permits patrons to bring it with them. The restaurant is BYO, so I’ll pick up a bottle of wine on my way there.


"BYO" is an abbreviation for "bring your own." What the second "B" stands for in "BYOB" is disputed; both "bottle" and "booze" are often used. "BYOB" is typically used of a place or event that does not serve alcohol but permits patrons to bring it with them. The restaurant is BYOB, so I’ll stop and pick up a bottle of wine on my way there.
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mod. bring your own (booze or bottle). (Initialism.) A note on the invitation says that the party is BYOB.


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"Adding the GSM network opens up our services to millions of unlocked phones from customers that want to bring it to BYO," said Black.
Gusa umuntu yavuga ko kumenya ibi bidasobanuye ko dukwiye gusubira mu myumvire n'uburyo bw'imikorere byo muri za 1930 mu bihe by' "Abapanafricanist" n'ibintu twavuyemo, uretse ko n'ubundi hatanakibaho ya ngirwapolitiki y'indimi bita iy' "impagarike" (vertical language policy) irwanya cya gitekerezo cya "Panafricanism" yo muri 1930, iyo yo ikaba yari gahunda y'indimi ishyira ingufu mu ndimi z'abakoroni ubundi igapfobya indimi nyafurika zanitwaga "indimi gakondo" byumvikanaga nk'ininura.
BYO Art Day invites everyone to display one piece of their own art in the gallery alongside the work of international artists.
BYO - some venues allow you to provide your own drinks.
As Jim Byo put it, we, as music teachers, are working to increase the possibility that "left to their own devices, they will practice in the manner most conducive to the development of the accomplished musician." When teachers structure lessons for success, students know what to expect and what is expected of them.
On Thursday, Ron Pote of BYO Solutions and the New York Canadian Division, presented a day-long seminar on QBQ!, the Question Behind the Question, an excellent and valuable session that even included a reference to the Division Secretary's dog.
BETTING: 9-4 River Days, 3 Byo, 7-2 Peyto Princess, 6 Stand By, 8 Blackheath,10 DancehallDarcy, 33 BugalooBand,40 Others.
Stay on for a picnic lunch (BYO) and further informal discussion.
The festival kicked off ten years ago with a BYO (bring your own) policy for all ticket holders, but now with the introduction of the new licencing legislation, the organisers say it will bring the festival to a new level.
It claimed employers think it is just a preference and is likely to increase workload on the IT team assuming staff will contact the help desk when they have problems with their BYO device or app but employees say the reason they want to use mobile devices and apps is because it lets them be more productive and they are more likely to trouble shoot problems themselves.
This is a BYO event - no alcohol or drinks will be available to buy on the premises, but feel free to bring a bottle of wine.
WHAT YOU WON'T FIND: Electricity (BYO flashlights), flush toilets (bathrooms are upscale outhouses), email from $80/person/night plus $70 transport;
BYO Network has announced the beta launch of BYOCHANNEL.COM, streaming online and on mobile devices.
But economy might not be the only reason for a Bring Your Own (BYO) sarnie.