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The basic research question motivating this study is whether BMOC is a single field of study with a common body of knowledge or three separate fields.
Third, the new American Academy of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) curriculum guidelines require only the skills component of oral and written communication and not the cognitive components of rhetorical choice and critical analysis largely because it is hard to know what the cognitive components of BMOC are.
This section is a description of the mail survey conducted to identify the most important works in BMOC. In this section we will discuss the instrument, participants, and procedures in the study.
Section one consisted of a request for participants to list what they would recommend as the most influential or best textbook, conceptual textbook, research article, and conceptual article in the area of BMOC. Space was allocated on the form for up to three selections in each category.
Demographic questions regarding department affiliation, BMOC courses taught, number of sections taught by participant and by the department as a whole, level of BMOC courses taught, years teaching BMOC courses, and years teaching, other courses taught, academic rank, tenure, highest degree earned, area of degree, and professional affiliations revealed the following results.
The number of sections taught annually in the BMOC schools ranged from one to 204.
This is not a new phenomenon in BMOC. Maybe the low response rate is due to the instrument (open-ended questions) or the procedure (mail survey).
The results of this study strongly suggest that there is no common body of knowledge uniting BMOC. The three areas teach different things.
The first step is simply being available when students are around, said Levy, of BMOC, Inc.