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bio break

euphemism A break to urinate or defecate; a bathroom break. I need a bio break, so I'll be right back.
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bio dad

One's biological father, as opposed to one's adoptive father (or perhaps other non-biological father figure). I finally found my bio dad by using some genealogy sites and Facebook.
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bio mom

One's biological mother, as opposed to one's adoptive mother (or perhaps other non-biological mother figure). I finally found my bio mom by using some genealogy sites and Facebook.
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bio queen

A performance artist whose sex is biologically female but who performs in the exaggerated style and dress of a male drag queen. Also known as a faux queen. To be honest, that bio queen's performance was so good that I couldn't tell her apart from the drag queens.
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bio break

n. a toilet break. (Contrived and euphemistic.) She out of pocket for a bio break.
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With the party nearing its end, analysts warn that the collapse of the bio bubble will be more dismal than the collapse of the IT bubble.
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