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big of (one)

Noble or commendable. This phrase is often said sarcastically. Wow, you're actually going to spend time with your brother tonight? That's big of you. It's big of you to reconcile with people who have wronged you in the past.
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big (of someone)

generous; kind or forgiving. (Sometimes sarcastic.) He gave me some of his apple. That was very big of him. It was big of Sally to come over and apologize like that.
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Big Brothers Big Sisters provides a system of on-going evaluation and support, which is proven by independent studies to help families by improving the odds that “Littles” will perform better in school and avoid violence and illegal activities, and have stronger relationships with their parents and others.
There's more: The Jewish Big is a particularly prominent subset in today's America.
For more than 30 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has played a significant role in providing role models for children and in reducing truancy, bullying, early school-leaving, delinquency and substance abuse.
"Unfortunately we didn't have an answer, and that's something that was a little disappointing, because we've gotten better against big front lines, but tonight I think we got worn down a little bit by their size and by their numbers."
The Big Bug - the Big Dig' the Big Clog - Lime Street' the Big Gig - Hoylake Open' the Big Jig -Summer Pops' the Big Lug -John Prescott' the Big Jag -John Prescott' the Big Plug -Mersey Tram' the Big Snag -Robyn Archer' the Big Smeg -Craig Charles' the Big Wag - Ken Dodd' the Big Wig - Cherie Blair' the Big Zig-Zag - city centre.
Do we really need to pay for yet another crime-fighting agency, and even if this agency does get the "Mr Bigs" of the crime world into court will the courts use the powers available for sentences that reflect the severity of the crimes?
While we were all distracted by Scooter and the Shooter, big time conservatives continued their campaign to sweep Bush's whole warrantless wiretapping thing under a rug of unnecessary complications.
'And we've got, perhaps, to concentrate more on sweeping up a lot of the low-level dealers rather than constantly trying to catch the 'Mr Bigs' because it's the low-level dealers who cause the annoyance and irritation and fuel the use of drugs at a local level.'
If you are a retailer, whether you are a big name chain or franchise, or a local mom-and-pop shop, Paramus, New Jersey, 07652 is where you want to be.
ONE of the fake shirts "Mr Bigs" in England had pounds 20,000 worth of counterfeit kits seized last week after the Sunday People shopped him to the authorities in the UK.
A TOUGH supercop is to be given the task of smashing the criminal empires run by 400 "Mr Bigs" who stay one step ahead of the law.
Bigs [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 8 OMITTED]: To fight fire with fire, you may double-team across the lane with your other post player (x4) and have the guard (x3) drop to cover the power forward.
The 6-foot-8 Reavis, 41, owner of 11 championship rings, is providing the Hotshots with a lot of hustle, grabbing precious rebounds, winning looseballs, and defending well against San Miguel's fancied bigs led by June Mar Fajardo to help them to a 2-1 lead in the PBA Philippine Cup finals.
Kasi, parang sobrang bagal ko pa compared to the bigs in the international level.